Useful Tips to Handle Stress As a Parent


While parenting is one of the most rewarding things that you can experience, I have to admit that it can be stressful. As a mother, there are a lot of things that are depending on you, and more people than just you to look after so it can be pretty overwhelming. If you’re struggling with the stress of parenting, then try not to feel bad about it, as piling guilt on top of everything won’t help matters.

I know this is easier said than done, trust me, I have two children and I am very aware of how difficult it is, but with a little exercise things can get better and you can minimize your stress levels and enjoy parenthood to the maximum. What do you think? Ready to give this a go? Then let’s check out some tips on how to handle your stress levels better as a parent. Enjoy!

Put yourself first

One of the hardest parts of being a mother is remembering to put yourself first at least occasionally. This can be toughest when your children are small and need the most attention. Time for yourself can do a lot for your stress levels, so learn to take it. If you’re struggling with the idea, remember that your children will learn from your behavior, and taking care of themselves is one of the most important things that they can learn from you.

I’ll be honest with you, I’m also struggling with this. It’s quite tricky to say “no, I need my time” or “do it yourself, you’re old enough” but we have to try it. In the beginning, I was doing everything for my girls but time showed me that that wasn’t quite the best thing to do because later on I had problems with them actually doing things by themselves and it took some time and convincing to learn them to get where we are today.

Seek help

No parent ever wants to admit they need help. Parents are supposed to be indestructible, aren’t they? This is the old mentality and it’s just wrong. If your stress is causing you major problems, don’t be afraid to look for professional help. Mental health is a topic that begins to gain more and more importance, as it should and remember that stress can lead to other health conditions, or make existing conditions worse so it’s very important to seek help from a counselor or therapist.

Learn your triggers

What makes you feel the most stressed and what can you do to ease that? For example, if you know that you get the most stressed when the children have packed schedules and you’re playing taxi all day, look into some childcare options to help you get everyone where they need to be. If the house being a mess stresses you out, ask your family to take more responsibility and help you more.

Talk it out

Keeping your stress bottled up won’t do you any good, and will only serve to make things worse. It’s important to be able to openly get out how you feel and to share your feelings. Find someone that you can discuss your worries with, whether that’s your partner, a friend, or a counselor. This is much healthier than pushing your worries down.

Do something that you like

This can be literally anything! I will share with you two ways that I like to get rid of stress but you can choose whatever feels good for you. When I feel overwhelmed and I need a break, I like to go shopping. Sounds familiar right? I guess that’s why we women love shopping so much? Anyway, the time that I spend window shopping takes my mind off other things, so it’s like therapy.

Another thing that I love to do when I am stressed and not only, it’s playing a game and not any game but my childhood favorite, Solitaire. I don’t know what’s with this game that makes me like it so much, but I could honestly spend hours playing. I usually play the Classic Solitaire but if you’re a fan like me, you know that there are plenty of other options that you can enjoy.


Exercise releases endorphins, which will make you feel more positive and can help you to better manage your stress levels. Perhaps you could find some fun ways to exercise as a family together, so you can live a healthier life, and spend some more time together. Perhaps you play more sports in the garden, go for family bike rides, or take long walks at the weekend.

Find time to laugh

Laughter is one of the best cures for stress there is, and luckily for stressed mothers, children are one of the best sources of comedy there is. Take the time to be silly together and laugh at their funny antics. Watch funny shows together, play games that make you both laugh, or let them practice their comedy skills on you. Laugh together for less stress and more fun, as well as more bonding.

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