child bedroom

Changing your child’s bedroom, either to maximize the space available or because they’ve grown out of old furnishings or designs, can be a lot of work. By considering their needs, your budget, and even your capability at DIY, you might be able to give them the bedroom they desire, without spending an obscene amount of money. Sometimes, changing the color scheme alone isn’t enough, so you might need to be a little creative with the alterations that you make.

Their Bed

When your child outgrows their toddler bed, you may need to consider changing it for one that is more suitable for their growing size. Before you buy children’s beds, you may want to think about how long it will last them. Something with patterns or character designs may seem fun for your child now, but you may need to ask yourself if, realistically, your child will still want those same designs as they grow older. If not, it could be a good idea to look into a bed that will serve them for many years to come, such as one that has an integrated bookshelf or other storage. Wooden bedframes also have the added bonus that, if you so choose, they could be sanded and repainted should your child want a different colour scheme in their room in years to come. The placement of the bed in the room can also make a big difference. You might want to consider where the bed can be put to maximize room, but also reduce the likelihood of falls, or it being difficult for your child to go to the bathroom at night. 

Refurbish Old Furniture

Although the new bed may be essential, other furniture may not need to be bought. Considering the cost associated with furnishing a home, it may be more prudent for you to look at how old furniture items that you own could be re-used. Something as easy as repainting, glossing, or even doing some basic carpentry on items can help them to have a new lease of life and save you from some potentially large expenses. If furniture items have been in storage for a long time, it is important that they are properly cleaned before being installed in your child’s bedroom, as dust, cobwebs, and even mouse droppings can make it unhygienic and a health hazard. 

Make the Most of Light Sources

Letting the light into your child’s room can help to make it a more welcoming space to spend time in. Even when natural light sources are limited, you can still find ways to increase the brightness of a room, such as by choosing a wall or floor colouring that is light in tone. Placing mirrors in the room can help your child to check they look presentable, but also offer a reflective surface that light can bounce off of. 

Sprucing up your child’s bedroom doesn’t have to cost a small fortune. By considering the room itself, as well as the needs of your child, you can redesign their bedroom in a way that they may enjoy for years to come.

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