Handy tips to organize your dream wedding

dream wedding

In a few days, I will celebrate my wedding anniversary and to be honest with you I don’t know how time flew by so quickly. The magical day that my husband proposed to me feels like yesterday and our beautiful wedding day still lingers in my head.

With these lovely memories fresh in my mind, I thought an article with tips on how to organize your big day would come in handy. I took care of everything related to my wedding and if some of my experience might help you I would be very happy.


This is a very important matter, if not the most important. You really shouldn’t start anything wedding-related if you’re not sure about your budget. When we talk about the budget we think about everything a wedding includes: wedding dress, rings, venue, photographer and so on. Once you set your budget, make sure you have a little spare aside, just in case something will cost more than anticipated or for an emergency.


Now it’s time to spend that budget and here you should prioritize what is more important for you and your husband. In my case, we decided to spend more on our wedding rings because we thought and we still think that those will remind us of our wedding day forever and we wanted to have the best.

I really wanted a wedding ring that would match my engagement ring and I am really happy with my choice. If you are still looking for wedding rings, I would definitely recommend you checking out She Said Yes. They have some amazing moissanite bridal sets that you will absolutely love. According to the latest trends moissanite is considered to be better than diamonds, so I would definitely check them out.

Other things that I considered to be a priority were my wedding dress and my husband’s suit because we did want to look our best on our special day, the venue because we really wanted our guests to have a nice time, the photographer because we wanted to have the best memories and the wedding cake.


Now, this might sound weird, but if it’s possible try to do some things yourself instead of buying them. I’m talking about wedding invitations, guest gifts, table settings and so on. It’s not only cheaper but it will also be very special for your gifts knowing that you took your time to do something like this.

Don’t forget to enjoy

Last but not least, don’t forget to enjoy every minute. Yes, you hear me right, enjoy it! I know it’s stressful, I know that you want all your guests to feel welcome but this day won’t last forever but the memories that you create on this special day will so relax, take a big breath and enjoy everything.


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