The 5 Key Responsibilities of Pet Owners


Pets can make wonderful additions to any household. Both kids and adults love to spend time with their pets, playing with them and having fun, or simply cuddling up on the couch when you’re watching the TV. Yes, pets are great to have around, but they do need proper care and attention if they are to remain happy and healthy in your home. If you are thinking about getting a pet, below are five of the key responsibilities you will be taking on as a pet owner, and you must be willing to take on these duties before you welcome a pet into your home.

  • Healthcare

Just like you, there will be times when your pet gets sick and needs medication or surgery to resolve the issue. You must find a reliable vet clinic near your home and sign your pet up as a patient as soon as possible. Taking your pet in for an annual health check is also something you should do as a pet owner, as this will help to detect any health issues early. A vet should be able to advise you on the correct nutrition for your pet as well, and some can offer a range of other non-medical services such as grooming or overnight boarding if you need them. 

  • Feeding Them

Any pet you have will need feeding at least once a day, otherwise, they will become malnourished and could even turn aggressive due to hunger. Not only will you have to keep up with regular feeding times for your pet, but you must also make sure that what you are feeding them is suitable for their digestive system and will give them all the nutrients that they need. Ask your vet or look online for advice on what is the best diet for the type of animal and breed you have as a pet to understand what they need. You can purchase food at your local pet store, online, or perhaps even at vet clinics such as

  • Exercise Routine

Dogs, in particular, need their owners to take them out for daily walks and exercise. You need to be willing to commit to this and make the time to do it, whether it be two short walks, in the morning and evening, or one long one at another time of day. The size and breed of your dog will determine how much exercise they need. 

  • Cleaning Up After Them

This might be one of the more unpleasant aspects of pet ownership, but cleaning up after your pet when they have relieved themselves is part of the job! Whether it’s clearing out litter trays or bagging up dog poop, you need to make sure you’re picking up after your pet to keep your home clean and hygienic, as well as respecting public spaces. 

  • Show Them Love and Affection

Finally, your pet relies on you to take care of them but they will also want to bond with you. To make sure that your pet is happy and feels safe in your home, you need to show them love and affection whether that’s through playing with them, petting them, or having a cuddle.

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