Home Improvements That Help Reduce Outside Noise

home improvements

There’s nothing as frustrating as getting home from a long day at work, only to hear every single sound that’s going on outside of your home.  We want our residence to be an oasis away from the stress of the outdoors, yet that can be hard to achieve when we live in a particularly noisy area.

Here are some of the best ways to combat noise pollution and hopefully create a space that will feel like you’re slipping away into a quiet retreat.

Replace Your Windows

One reason many people have sound issues is that their windows are old or poorly made.  Well-made and well-sealed windows will fight off a lot of sound pollution and can ensure that you get some peace and quiet within your home. Also, if you notice that it’s hard to regulate the temperature of your home, and you can hear every car that drives by, it might be a good idea to look at updating your windows.

Get More Greenery

Trees and shrubbery are a natural noise buffer that also adds beauty to your home.  Though many may not be ready for the amount of work that comes with upkeep shrubs, you could also get this look by planting something like blackberries.  A blackberry bramble can grow tall quickly, and as long as you ensure it’s restrained to one part of your yard, you can enjoy tasty fruit while keeping the sound away.

Use Thick Fabric Curtains

Curtains can’t be overstated with how important they are to noise control.  Thick fabric curtains over windows can absorb a lot of the sound that comes naturally in neighborhoods while also beautifying the space you live in.  Although you shouldn’t go all out and block all sunlight from your home, if there’s a side of your house that faces a highway, or a particularly loud neighbor, you can block it out some by using thick curtains on that side of your home.

Build a Privacy Fence

Although this may seem drastic, a privacy fence can reduce a lot of noise that would make its way into your home.  Tall wooden walls absorb sound while also ensuring that you can enjoy your private space by doing whatever you want.  These can also be nice if you have dogs or want to get dogs since it will help ensure they stay within the property.

Ensure There’s Pleasing Noise Within Your Home

There’s no way to 100% guarantee your neighborhood’s volume is kept low; it’s a flaw that can come with beautiful Las Vegas houses for sale: but it makes it worth it to be close to things you want to do.  To distract from the noise outside, ensure that there are noises inside worth coming home to.  This could be a babbling water feature inside your home or a speaker that can play as much pink noise as you’d like.  Creating a soundscape inside of your home that feels nice can distract from any noise outside.

If the noise is still unbearable, it might be time to move! But, of course, there’s nothing wrong with admitting a property isn’t for you and moving on.

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