Why Made to Order Furniture is Worth Investing In


Decorating a space, whether it’s for your home or your business, gives you the opportunity to inject your own taste and personality into each room. From the colours you use to the furniture you fill it with, it’s important that your property reflects who you are. 

But in a culture of fast furniture and mass-produced products, finding items that are unique to your specifications can make all the difference. Made-to-order furniture offer benefits you simply can’t get from fast furniture brands. We spoke to the experts on bespoke furniture, houseUP, who gave us these reasons why made-to-order is the way to go when you’re decorating your space.

It Adds Personality to a Space

Whatever area you’re decorating, you want it to be enticing and filled with personality and interest. But using fast furniture can make achieving a unique and personal look difficult. Made-to-order furniture is the perfect way of creating a bespoke piece that is completely tailored to your needs and specifications, making it as individual as you are.

Materials to Suit Your Needs

When you buy a custom piece of furniture, you have the power to decide precisely what it looks like and which materials you want it to be made from. Mass-produced furniture is often made using cheap materials to keep costs down, which leaves customers with little choice about how the item looks or feels. 

With a made-to-order item, you have control over the colours and materials used. For example, if you have children or pets, you may want to choose a hardwearing fabric that will resist stains or marks. Businesses such as Cheeky Chairs provide a range of fabrics and model options to choose from that enable you to create a truly bespoke look for your property. 

Higher Quality Items

Made-to-order furniture is usually a much higher standard of quality than an item you can pick up off the showroom floor, as they’re made with higher quality materials and produced with greater care and attention. Because made-to-order furniture is produced by skilled craftspeople, you can be sure that each step of the process has been taken care of properly. 

Mass-produced, cookie cutter furniture is created quickly to generate as many products as possible, whereas made to order furniture is produced to the specifications of the buyer, so more time is invested for a better end result. 

A Greener Option

Sustainable living is a priority for so many people now and purchasing made-to-order is a great way of aligning your eco-friendly passions with your interior design. Not only can you choose natural, sustainable materials for your furniture but it’s also an easy way of ensuring that the quantity of resources used are just enough for your item, without excess and unnecessary waste being produced, as with mass-produced items. So often, excess furniture that can’t be sold is simply sent to a landfill which isn’t beneficial to the environment and uses resources needlessly. 

Furniture Built to Last

Few fast furniture items stand the test of time – more often than not, they’re built using cheap materials with planned obsolescence in mind, so that customers are forced to replace them in just a few years. But made-to-order furniture is the opposite – it’s built to last, without the disposable mindset than fast furniture is created with. It’s designed to be something that remains in your home for many years to come, that you can treasure and pass on for generations. 

Custom furniture that has been created to meet your design requirements has more of a story behind it than a mass-produced item, which makes it a special product you’ll love having in your home. 

Final Thoughts

Made-to-order furniture retains its uniqueness and aesthetic value long-term and you can be sure that you’re purchasing an item that is exactly the fit you need for your home or commercial space. Furniture is a personal feature of a space and it’s important that it suits your lifestyle and taste preferences. With a bespoke, made-to-order piece, you have control over the colours, materials and style of your furniture item for an item that you’ll treasure for decades to come. 

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