Perfect Gifts for a New Partner: Your Guide

perfect gift

These days, the dating game can be a total nightmare. There are so many unwritten rules to follow, and with the huge rise in online dating thanks to apps and social media, it’s even harder to navigate new romances. 

If you’ve recently started dating someone and their birthday is coming up, it’s so hard to know what to get them. You don’t want to look too eager—this can put people off—but you also don’t want to totally ignore it and get them nothing! Here’s a useful gift guide to help spark some ideas of what to get someone in the early stages of dating.

A Book

Buying someone a book is a great idea because it’s a thoughtful gift, but one that isn’t over the top. It’s cheap and cheerful, but it still shows you care and have made some effort.

You could buy your new partner a book you’ve recently read and enjoyed. This would give you something to talk about on your next date. 

Or, if you prefer, you could buy them a nice edition of a classic, whether it’s something you already know they like or something they’ve been meaning to read.

Vape Juice

If the person you’re dating vapes, they’ll probably appreciate some new vape juice. Try buying them interesting flavors they might not have tried before to broaden their vaping horizons! Take a look at Vape CBD World to see what options are available.

Vape juice is a perfect gift for new relationships. You know they’ll use it, and it’s not too personal, so it’s ideal for someone you’ve only been out with a couple of times.

Bake a Cake!

If you’re really not sure what to get somebody, baked goods are always a nice touch! This is a kind gift that shows you care because it takes time and energy to make something from scratch, but again, it’s not so personal that you’ll come on too strong too quickly.

There are literally thousands of birthday cake recipes online, and many of them are easy enough for beginners. 

Top tip: Buy some kitchen scales and measure out your ingredients! This will make sure your cake has the right proportions and come out perfectly.

Gag Gifts

If you want to brighten up someone’s day by making them laugh, why not get them a gag gift of some kind? 

This could be something you’ve joked about on one of your dates. If they spilled something on their shirt at a restaurant, get them an adult-sized bib. If that doesn’t work, you could send them a glitter bomb or an embarrassing postcard that their mail deliverer will be able to read. 

Funny gifts will show you have a great sense of humor and are a lot of fun.

Plan a Date

If you don’t want to buy them anything, why not take them out for a great date? Plan ahead and make sure you’ve got something they’ll enjoy lined up. Maybe they mentioned that they used to love bowling as a kid; take them to a bowling alley and recreate their childhood fun by eating hotdogs and drinking sodas.

Gifts for the early stages of dating can be hard but get something fun and lighthearted to keep things casual while still showing that you care.

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