Renting as a New Parent

new parent

While it may be cheaper to own a property, not everyone has the funds available to them to achieve this. At the same time, some people prefer to live in rented accommodation, as this means that most repair jobs can be covered by the landlord.

Renting a property or moving into a new one can be stressful. This stress can be even worse when you are a new parent. By having dedicated plans for how you will manage your time and money around your new baby, as well as being diligent in following them, you can remove some of the stress factors, enjoy your home, and still have some forethought for the future.


Budgeting your money is the best way to make ends meet. This can help you to ensure that you keep enough back for your rent each month, pay for other essential bills, save money for any larger purchases or goals, and even open a child ISA account so that your baby has some money put aside for their future. 

If you can find ways to lower your expenses, this can also go a long way to making your money reach further. At times, it may involve negotiating rent with your landlord, if possible, or even looking for a cheaper place to live.

Learning to live within your means is something that can really help to keep costs down, which is especially important when you want to make sure your baby doesn’t need to go without.

Safety in the Property

Your ability to make changes within the property will depend on what is written within your rental agreement. If this contains clauses that do not allow for any building or drilling, you may need to obtain special permission to fit a baby gate to the stairs or opt for a pressure-fit gate instead. Likewise, fitting window restrictors or cupboard locks may also require prior approval.

Anything that involves tampering with items you own, such as putting protectors on the corners of your tables and other sharp surfaces, will still be down to your discretion. Adding socket covers to all the outlets is also something you may choose to do of your own free will, as it doesn’t involve physically changing the building itself. 

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Looking After the Property

While some mess and damage may occur from your child, this would be down to you to correct. Stains on carpets, and even drawing on the walls would most likely not be welcomed by the owner. It is important that you do all in your power to remove these, or prevent them from occurring in the first place, otherwise, you may be charged at the end of your tenancy. 

Even though the property doesn’t belong to you, that doesn’t mean it isn’t worthy of respect. Looking after your home will not only make you enjoy it more, but it will also show your landlord that you are a respectful and reliable tenant, which can be needed when it comes to renewing the contract.

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