Cheap ways to upgrade your home

upgrade your home

It can be easy to get home envy when watching home makeover TV shows, or even just scrolling through Instagram, and oftentimes it feels like the home of your dreams is fully out of your reach. However, it doesn’t have to cost a fortune to make a few small changes to your home that will make a big difference and here are some cheap and easy ways you can upgrade your home.  

Upgrade your light fixtures

We often underestimate the difference a good light can make to a room. A cold hued bulb can give the room a really different feel to something with a more yellow tone. These E27 bulbs come in different shapes, sizes, colours and brightness, so start by choosing the right bulb for your room. If your room is naturally a little darker, you could opt for a light shade that disperses the light, rather than shading it, such as a crystal pendant light. You could even swap the light switches easily from the white plastic offerings to something chrome, or even with a dimmer switch. 

Vinyl upcycling

An ugly kitchen can feel like a real problem, and replacing all the cupboards and worktops can cost a whole lot. By using a peel and stick vinyl, you can completely overhaul your cupboards, backsplash, worktops and even appliances – and that’s just in the kitchen. There are so many amazing ways you can use vinyl, and you can go for something simple in a block colour, or really make a statement with a quirky pattern. When you’re bored of it or are ready to move, you can simply peel it off and it doesn’t leave any damage to the surface underneath. 

Install crown molding

There is something about crown molding that adds character to a home and makes it look that little bit more finished off. The molding isn’t super expensive and you can do it yourself by following a tutorial which will really cut down on costs. It looks really elegant and comes with a sense of pride too if you manage to do it on your own. 

Upgrade your hardware

You would not believe the difference it can make to a cabinet, set of drawers or cupboard by simply changing the handles out for something that looks more luxe. Handles can cost a few pounds but when installed, can make the piece of furniture look like something completely brand new. You can find something that matches your decor, or even use spray paint to upgrade your current handles and drawer pulls for a small expense. Go for a gold or chrome option to make a cheap cupboard look much more expensive. 

When it comes to radiators, if your old one is still in top condition and doesn’t need replacement, you can always choose to replace your old radiator valves with thermostatic radiator valves. These will help you adjust the temperature of your radiator with just a simple turn of the dial and keep track of how much heat your radiator is putting out.

You don’t have to do everything at once, and making a house a home can be a slow, lengthy process. Some of these you can do cheaply and easily and they will make a big difference to the look and feel of your home. 

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