4 Fun Ideas for a Bachelor Party

batchelor party

Bachelor parties are one of the biggest celebrated and talked about parties you can have.  They’re so popularized that there’s even a successful movie series based on them!  If you want to have a legendary night but aren’t’ sure where to start planning- that’s understandable.  There’s a lot of pressure that says you have to throw the best party anyone’s seen.  Whether you’re the best man or the groom himself- here are four great bachelor parties that don’t revolve around just disappearing into Vegas for the weekend.

Cowboys Weekend

This party is best for either small parties of people or folks willing to pay their way.  There are farms and ranches all over the country that offer horseback rides.  You can find several places that provide weekend stays, or rodeo shows, that will entertain anyone.  This weekend can have a rustic fun feeling that will make everyone in the friend group feel tighter and prepare the groom for the giant bucking bronco that’s marriage.

Fishing Trip

Nothing says ‘guys weekend’ quite like a good fishing trip.  The trip’s specifics will depend on where you live and how far everyone’s willing to travel, but this kind of party could range from deep-sea fishing to catfish noodling.  Bring some beers, some good conversation, and some ice if anyone catches anything they want to keep.  Check if the area you’re in requires fishing licenses, and plan for emergencies by keeping first aid equipment on the boat just in case.  The weekend’s meant to be fun; keep worries at bay with a little prepared thinking.

Gambling Night

Nobody wants to lose, and winning is one of the best sensations a person can have.  Have fun placing your bets and seeing how you stack up against your friends.  This night can be done at a professional casino, or you could gamble for fun at a private party.  If you make your fake casino, avoid using real money since this will probably start fights.  Gamble for prizes instead!  A fun touch would be to use impersonators for hire to play different celebrities the guests can gamble against.

Bonfire and Drinks

Not every party has to be a vast experience.  Grooms come in billions of different personalities, and because of that, there’s bound to be some who don’t want all of the pomp and fuss.  For these laid-back men, a fantastic party could be simple.  You can achieve this at a campsite, but even doing it in someone’s large backyard can be excellent.

Gather up more than enough seats for everyone, get a ton of beer in ice, and start up a great bonfire with tons of extra wood.  You’ll have to be careful and read about laws and regulations regarding fires in your area, but besides that, this is a fun way to settle in for a massive life change.  You can exchange life stories, hopes for the future, and well wishes for the groom.  Just be sure to put the fire out before you leave, and enjoy yourselves.

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