How To Make Your Wedding The Height Of Fashion



There’s a lot of love that goes into all of the design choices of wedding preparation, and because of this, everyone is looking their best for the big day. You choose color schemes that you’d love to be wrapped up in, you get the groom looking soft and stylish with perfect hair and a soft suit, and the bridesmaids are your perfect wing women for the official photoshoot. And you wouldn’t have it any other way – this is your special day, you’re allowed to dress it up whatever way you fancy!

But if you’re someone who’s feeling a little lost for ideas, and you don’t know which colors complement what, and you’re not sure whether your dress will work with the drapes on the dance floor at the reception party, this is the post for you. Your wedding can be the absolute height of fashion if you really want it to be (and you probably do…), so here are some tips to make sure it is.

Say Yes to the Dress (but only when it’s perfect!)

You’ve got a lot of shopping around to do before you settle on what you’re wearing for the big day, and whilst you might not have the chance to go on a TV show or find a professional stylist to work with you, you can complete the process all on your own! Bring along your most honest and blunt friends, or even your partner in crime if you don’t care too much about the traditions, and find the best wedding dress you’ve ever laid your eyes on.

You can either follow current trends amongst wedding dress designers, or you can take inspiration from the celebrities you love and what they wore on their big day. Hey, if it was good enough for Kim or Diana, then it’s going to be amazing for you! However, most of all, you want your dress to have a price tag that’s comfortable enough for you to spill wine on, just to make sure the dinner goes off without a hitch!

Use Jewellery

You want to dress up your entire body when you’re getting married, to make sure you look like the ethereal bride anyone would be lucky to have – and thankfully, there’s a lot of style in even a single necklace piece! And when you have a dress that was on the cheaper side, or maybe even second hand, this is where you can introduce all the glamour you’ve ever wanted for your big day.

Because glamour and antique jewelry go hand in hand in my opinion, you should definitely check out An antique piece adds that glam and elegant touch to your whole outfit, it’s really a must-have!

Maybe you could wear a tiara, to help keep the veil in place as well as make you feel just that little bit more like a princess. Or you could have a drop necklace running down the length of your spine, especially if you’re playing things a little looser with a plunge dress. Or you could simply wrap your arms up in bangles and armbands, to make sure your bare arms are never too cold or too empty. There’s a lot of negative space on the human body, and having the chance to fill that space up should never go amiss!

Use Decor from Your Own Life

Most of all, to make sure your wedding is stylish and warm, instead of white and cold, is to include some pieces from your own life to really show off you and your partner’s personality. So if your partner has a love for woodworking or being out and about, why not have mini terrarium pots as table decorations? Or if you’ve got a love for the arts and crafts, why not draw your tablecloths and invitations, to make sure there’s a personal touch in everything you do? And when you can bring it together like this, it’s going to be more stylish than anything you’ve ever seen before!

Making your wedding the height of fashion doesn’t have to be hard, and there are some very simple tricks you can use here. Don’t worry, you can take as much time with your planning, so be happy with it!

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