5 Reasons Why Andorra Should Be Your Next Holiday Destination


Andorra is a bit of a paradox when it comes to holiday destinations. From the outside, it doesn’t seem to be as eye-grabbing or popular as many of its neighboring countries, like France and Switzerland. But it only takes a week in the snowy mountains of Vallnord to realize you’re mistaken. The place is vibrant, and it’s as beautiful as any winter destination you can think of.

Here’s why you should consider Andorra instead of glossing past it on the map.




Of course, this is first on the list. There are not many better places to ski than Andorra. If you’re into skiing, then Vallnord is your best bet. It attracts avid snowboarders and skiers from across the world. Vallnord boasts 2,625 meters of altitude and is located in the northern part of Andorra. There are three main ski resorts to choose from (Arinsal, Pal and Arcalis), and among these is a huge variety of challenges for all levels, with Arcalis being more suited for the experienced winter sports addicts. Andorra ski holidays with Esquiades.com makes it easy to pick the right one!

Andorra is known for having fantastic ski schools and a variety of activities, making it popular among family holidaymakers. There’s even laser tag, paintballing, heli-skiing and hang gliding! There are other ski areas in Andorra, such as Gravndvalri, but Vallnord remains to be the most popular.  


Its Views, History and Landmarks


It comes as no surprise that a skiing destination has incredible views. But, it’s important to stress that these views are incredible all year round – and Andorra still gets some amazingly hot weather in the summer. Right now in June, it’s almost 30 degrees celsius every day. There’s almost nowhere in Andorra in which you cannot see nature and mountainous landscapes, yet there are a plethora of landmarks to hunt down. 

Casa de la Vall is a popular one – a politically important building built in 1580 that to this day seats the government. There’s a bunch of guided tours you can take, where you can see the Cupboard of the Seven Keys, Sala de Sessions and Sant Esteve Church. You can find more destinations on Esquiades.com, too.

If you’re not a fan of guided tours, you can stroll through Andorra la Vella to Placa del Poble, which is a public square on a rooftop; a place where you get a 360-degree view of the city.

Tax-free shopping



One great benefit of visiting such a small jurisdiction with laissez-faire taxes is that the shopping experience is fantastic. You will find a huge armada of shops that sell duty-free alcohol, tobacco, electrical goods, perfume and jewelry. Whilst a small sales tax was introduced back in 2007, prices still remain low.

Whist Andorra is getting more expensive, it’s actually still fairly cheap compared to its neighboring ski destinations. Eating out, for example, is reasonably priced as is the shopping in general. 

For men and women’s fashion, there is Lacoste, Guess, Zara, Levi’s, Superdry and many other outlets.  There’s also, albeit unsurprisingly, a huge choice of sports shops dotted around the capital city. You can pick up skis, bikes and hiking gear.  In fact, this is also your chance to get some tips from local shop owners on the best hiking trails and ski spots to go to.


It’s not just tax-free, but stress-free


The capital city, Andorra la Vella, is a beautifully quaint city that’s embedded in the mountains and greenery. The capital of Andorra is over a thousand meters in altitude and has a grand population of 23,000. This isn’t the usual capital city experience… Sure, there will be lots of tourists in the city and the ski resorts, but it’s not as over-crowded as most other French, Austrian and Swiss resorts. Likewise, it will never be too difficult to get tables booked in the villages or even the capital city.

Life is slow, old fashioned and quiet in Andorra – which makes it perfect for a holiday escape.


Hiking and Biking


You may have gotten the picture that Andorra is a ski resort that has a few fringe places to visit – but this is why Andorra is so misunderstood. Andorra in the summer and/or the non-ski resort destinations is an incredible experience. As we’ve discussed, it’s mountainous (even the capital), it’s very green, it’s quiet and it’s remote – this all leads to being an incredible hiking destination. There’s of course guided hikes, but there are many challenging trails you can set off on by yourself. It’s also common to go mountain biking and ride the wavy hills of the small, quaint landlocked principality.

It might not be for everyone, but Andorra is the unsung ski destination of Europe. And the best bit? It’s as good in the city during the summer, as it is in the mountains during the winter.

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