Living with PTSD – how you can support yourself

Suffering from PTSD means that your life is often plagued with anxiety, flashbacks and unwanted emotions. It can mess with your life, your mind and your relationships. It can also make it difficult to hold down a job, maintain a relationship and enjoy a normal life. 

PTSD is something that affects those who have experienced or witnessed a traumatic event. There’s no one single event that can trigger PTSD, it’s sources range from being involved in combat and war to being the victim of abuse, to a range of traumatic experiences that took place over a period of time such as bullying, or childhood abuse. 

Living with PTSD can feel like a constant uphill battle, however as well as seeking medical help, there are ways you can support yourself daily. Read on for more information.

Look after yourself financially

Worrying about employment whilst you’re suffering from PTSD can have a further impact on your mental health and apply even more stress to your situation. Looking after yourself financially is essential. If your PTSD is the result of your time in the military then you may be entitled to VA benefit – click the link to find out more about getting veterans disability for post-traumatic stress disorder. You may also be entitled to other benefits from the government. 

Educate those closest to you

Sometimes those who suffer from PTSD struggle with isolation, as those who don’t know much about the condition tend to shy away from them. However, if you educate your friends and family as much as possible about your condition (and encourage them to do some research of their own) then they’ll know how to support you, and understand what you’re going through. 

Spend plenty of time with others

A strong support network is essential. Even though your PTSD might make you want to withdraw and shy away from people in case of an attack, surrounding yourself with people who make you feel comfortable and safe will certainly help. It’ll boost your mood and make you feel supported. 


You shouldn’t just exercise for the physical benefits, the mental benefits of exercise could also make a huge impact on your life and your ability to cope with your PTSD diagnosis. Focusing on small goals, finding a type of exercise that you enjoy, listening to music, exercising with friends, not forgetting the positive release of endorphins that comes with a workout, try upping your exercise game and find a class you may like. Or go for a jog or exercise at home. 


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