5 Pet Grooming Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

A clean pet is a happy pet. However, grooming your pet is often much more difficult than it looks! Here are some of the most common grooming mistakes made by pet owners from around the world, and how best to avoid them the next time your dog or cat needs some hygiene touch-ups. 

Brushing at the wrong time 

It is important to brush your pet’s hair before getting it wet. Hair is at its weakest when it is saturated with water, meaning that it is likely to break and become damaged if you attempt to brush it for the first time then. Never mind the fact that it is likely to be quite painful for the dog or cat. Always do your best to work through any knots and matting ahead of a bath for a much smoother experience for both parties. Don’t forget to brush again to finish off, too! 

Not starting early enough 

Dogs and cats can become fearful of being groomed if you wait too long to get them used to it. Train them to enjoy or, at the very least, tolerate the process starting from when they are just a few weeks old. Be sure to reward them with something tasty for good behavior. 

Not grooming during the colder months 

While you may not want to trim your pet’s hair too short during autumn and winter, it is still important to groom them throughout the colder months. In this instance, it is often worthwhile to take them to professional dog groomers in East Market, where they will be kept warm and cozy from the start of bath time right up until the end. After all, neglecting to bathe and groom your pet in winter is likely to lead to filthy, matted fur come summertime. 

Being anxious 

Your pet can tell if you are feeling anxious about the grooming process and is certain to emulate that emotion themselves. Do your best to be calm and firm and to speak to your pet as you work. Some pet owners opt to give their pets a bit of a natural calming supplement beforehand to help ease them into the experience – but be sure to talk to your veterinarian about your options in this regard before giving any medication a try. 

Avoiding cutting their nails 

Trimming a pet’s nails is almost certainly the most daunting aspect of the grooming process. Even the most well-trained animals tend to get wiggly and reluctant when it comes to this part. Careful precision is key as trimming too low down can lead you to nick the ‘quick’ – a cluster of blood vessels at the base of each nail. It is also essential to use the right equipment. Never attempt to trim a dog’s nails using nail trimming equipment meant for humans! 

Ultimately, the easiest way in which to avoid any grooming mistakes, and to take the hassle out of the equation completely, is to take your pet to an expert groomer. Problem solved.

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