The decor trends set to take homes by storm in 2020

Put your hand up if your home is a satisfying hodge-podge of all the things you adore… If you raised your hand, great, if not – you’ve got some work to do. For the next 12 months there will be plenty to love flying from the showrooms, blogs, and magazines, and into the home. Here are several trends that you may be taking to your heart and into your home this year.

Abstract enjoyment

You don’t need to be a fan of the likes of Picasso, and other pioneering abstract artists, to embrace abstract shapes and colours in your home. Abstract decor allows you to be creative with colour, combining bold with bold, and embrace the visual impact of geometric shapes and styles. It also lets you bring defined lines into your bedrooms and living rooms, creating clear, but consciously placed contrasting colours side by side.

Comfortably simple

2019 was the year of the Nordic Retreat, with luxurious wools and faux furs snuggling up to cream, cotton fabrics and natural wooden furniture. So, with the stripped-back look being a core aspect of this trend, can you guess what was at its core? Correct (if you guessed the following)… Sustainability. Now permeating every aspect of home and leisure, bare or stripped wood, especially reclaimed timber pieces, prove you put considerable thought into the way you, and we should all, choose to live at the start of a new decade.

Cacophonous chic

2019 was a big year for retro furniture, with elements of elegant Deco, 70’s glam, and 1930’s sophisticate features all making a play in the market. But as we enter 2020, it only makes sense that the retro theme of choice takes us back to the original heyday of interior design – the original roaring ‘20s. Think chrome, glass, shiny fabrics, and super-shapely furniture. If you adore velvet, then you’ll love adding lashings of fabulous furnishings to your room.

Asian accents

A trend that’s been making its way into leading retailers since mid-2019, and one that’s certainly an original addition to the mix, is ‘Japani’. Combining a touch of Scandinavian minimalism, with true Japanese elegance, rich burgundy fabrics sit comfortably amongst stripped-back, wooden furniture and fixtures. Natural light is essential to see this design in all its glory, so it would make an ideal design for an attic-bedroom or conservatory office.

Inspiring offices

As remote working becomes more and more prominent amongst the workforce, we each need an area for focusing, relaxing, and innovating. The two trends identified earlier, that embraced minimalism, would both work wonderfully well in office design, while vintage and opulent decor trends will become far more prominent in home offices around the country. 

Perhaps the biggest trend in home office design though is in the design of the room itself – not so much the decor. Newcastle roofing contractors, for instance, are seeing a rise in the like of Velux windows and loft conversions being created specifically for people who work at home. If you are one of the many who work remotely, why not treat yourself to a new, purpose-designed office to enjoy throughout 2020 and beyond?


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