6 Ways to Update Your Garden

Your garden is just as much a key part of your home as your kitchen or living room are, so why shouldn’t you update and refurbish it in the same way? Gardens can become overgrown if they’re not cared for; to keep yours in tip-top shape, you should consider updating it from time to time. 

There are so many unique ways to turn your garden into something special, you just have to pick something that speaks to you.

Create a Butterfly Garden

It’s an enchanting experience to be out in the garden on a summer’s day and have a butterfly or two come and land nearby. Why not appeal to those beautiful creatures even more? 

Introducing a butterfly garden is easy; research what butterflies are native to your area and what plants attract them, and then put those plants in your garden! Soon, your garden will be a sight to behold, and a home for all the local butterflies.

Install a Pond

Ponds make for a unique feature in any garden and they can be tailored to how you want them to look, right down to the fish you have in them if any. 

A gorgeous water feature like this would be the centerpiece of any garden; clear flowing water, attractive plants and fun fish all come together to create a wonderful addition. Once your pond is installed, make sure you monitor its water quality with Water Garden’s help. They have many pumps and filters available so that you can keep the water clean. 

New Decking

Decking can become worn and tired after a number of years. It’s out in the elements, and it takes a lot of wear just from people walking on it. New decking or refurbishing your old decking would give your garden the new lease of life it needs to become truly spectacular. 

Paint Garden Furniture

Every garden needs garden furniture, but it can often get damaged when left outside to the mercy of rain and other weather. Just like your decking, repainting your garden furniture will make it look good as new again. If you are feeling creative, you could even paint unique patterns onto your table and chairs to make them truly yours. 

Put in a Fountain

If ponds aren’t quite your thing, then a water fountain might. There is a whole array of fountains to choose from, from dancing water features to cascading fountains; there will surely be one that appeals to you and would accentuate your garden. 

Get a Hanging Chair

Hanging chairs for gardens have been extremely popular lately and for good reason. They’re comfortable to sit and relax in, reading a book or chatting to a friend, and their natural design means they blend in with the rest of your garden nicely. A hanging chair is a must-have addition for any garden! 

Updating your garden can be done in small steps or all at once; it’s up to you. There are so many ways you can spruce up your garden and make it a space you want to spend all your waking hours in.

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