5 Tips to Keep Your Rental Cosy This Season

I’m sure you’ll all agree that there’s nothing better than unlocking the front door after a long winter’s day, changing into your comfies, tying your hair up and getting comfy on the sofa. Your home is your cosy little haven to escape to when you need to unwind and relax – but it’s not always that easy when you rent.

Sometimes – not all of the time – but sometimes, rentals can feel a little less ‘homely’ than a property you’ve purchased yourself and put your own stamp on. However, it’s time to ditch that feeling and throw yourself into the arms of the cosy, welcoming abode that’s awaiting you this winter…

Go mad with rugs and curtains


You can’t get cosy if you’re dealing with drafts and chilly rooms. You might pay a small fortune in rent payments month to month, let alone heating bills so do what you can to retain the heat and save your pennies. Rugs underfoot should be your first port of call – the fluffier the better. Even if your rooms are already carpeted, a deep cosy rug will add that extra element of warmth and help to inject a dash of your own personality and style.

Chances are that the curtains in your rental are flimsy and basic. Swap out these curtains for heavier fabric with a thermal lining – perhaps velvet drapes for a seasonal touch. Like a rug, they’ll actually insulate the room by blocking cold air from leaking through the windows at night whilst also making a space look super warm and cosy. Win, win!

Adorn your sofa


If your rental is furnished, you may have been lumped with a sofa that you wouldn’t have picked for yourself. It’s probably not particularly comfortable and luxurious. There are things that you can do though to disguise an unfavorable sofa into a soft, fluffy spot to curl up in on an evening. 

Start with throws, and don’t stop at just one. Think fleecy, velvety and snuggly blankets to cover your sofa cushions in and your sofa will feel unrecognizable. Top it off with a few matching cushions for that extra bit of comfort. You’ll have a cosy corner to hide away in on a winter’s evening for a lot less pennies than a fancy new sofa would set you back!

Create an atmosphere


Lighting is the key to a relaxing atmosphere and a relaxing atmosphere is the key to a cosy home. When buying bulbs for your lamps, always opt for the warm light options as it gives off that gorgeous, orangey glow. Invest in a few table and floor lamps if you haven’t already and put these on in the evenings instead of the main lights in your living room – particularly around your sofa or armchair where you’ll be spending most of your time.

Also, don’t underestimate the effect of candles. Their often relaxing scent and soft flicker can immediately transform a room. You should probably check with your landlord that you’re allowed candles in your rental. They can be a little problematic, sometimes leaving sooty marks on walls and they are of course a fire hazard. Although your landlord will likely have landlord insurance, they may want to safeguard themselves from any damage by prohibiting the use of candles in your contract. If that’s the case, LED battery alternatives do the same (without the relaxing scent – you may need a room diffuser for that) so invest in some of those to achieve that all-important cosy atmosphere.

Cover bare walls


Bare walls can be a factor when it comes to a house not feeling welcoming and cosy. Displaying photos, art and mirrors adds dimension to a room and pulls it all inwards and together. It makes a space look lived in. The only issue is, many landlords don’t allow tenants to put nails and hooks in the walls as it damages paintwork and leaves marks. There are things you can do though to ensure that there’s no empty expanses of wall space.

For starters, experiment with height in your interior. Incorporate a tall floor lamp or large house plant in the room to break up space. A great hack is to invest in a large stand-up shelving unit to put against a wall. Not only does this again break up space, but it’ll give you extra storage, lending to keeping your home tidy and free of clutter – because clutter certainly isn’t cosy.

Display your memories


This leads nicely onto the last tip – display your memories. Now, this tip won’t necessarily make your space warmer but rooms full of photos, cards and homemade crafts will keep your heart warm and make a house feel like home. 

Sure, you can put your own interior style stamp on a place but scattering your special moments and memories around the house will really make it feel like yours, which is the feeling that every renter wants. After all, a property is really just bricks and mortar. It’s who lives inside it that makes it feel special.


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