What Do You Know About Eco-Friendly Sofas?

What would our life be like without sofas and armchairs? After all, only in their arms you can relax and listen to your favorite music or read a book. The sofa should be comfortable, soft, beautiful, but among other things, it should be cleaned in an environmentally friendly way. When using professional upholstery cleaning services, make sure the chosen provider of this kind of service applies only eco-friendly cleaning products. Experienced and trained specialists not only know how to restore your sofa but also how to make it more appealing for you. 

Leather Sofas – Eco or Not?

Leather sofas, it would seem, are made of the most natural material – leather, and should not do any harm to the environment. But the whole point is that the leather is chemically treated with chromium compounds, without causing harm to humans, chromium requires subsequent disposal. Large European manufacturers offer leather furniture processed with extracts of fruits and leaves of trees; these natural solutions do not harm the environment.

Another threat to the environment is leather coloring. Toxic aniline, which was previously used to make synthetic dyes, is now replaced by another harmless substance. Special coloring technology allows dyes to penetrate deep into the pores of the leather, preserving its pattern.

How harmful the chemical compounds are, one can only guess when it comes to leather furniture. If there is no desire to take risks, then buy environmentally-friendly furniture. However, keep in mind that accidentally spilled wine, juice or coffee can forever remain on your couch. Unless you use professional upholstery cleaning services by Prolux Cleaning who know how to cope with any problem!

Green organizations oppose the manufacture of leather furniture. Indeed, for the manufacture of a two-seater small sofa, the skins of four animals are needed! Well, there are other natural materials for upholstery: linen, cotton, wool, silk. Unfortunately, now, they are not so natural. In the textile industry, about 8,000 chemicals are used to process fabrics. To get wool, sheep are not sheared but sprayed with chemicals for their own loss.

It is true that some manufacturing companies abandoned the use of chemicals in the production of textiles. Raw materials are bleached without the use of chlorine, and fabrics are dyed only with natural dyes of plant origin. Colored cotton is also used, dyed by nature itself in a greenish, yellowish, orange or beige color.

Many companies today are developing designs that allow you to wash the upholstery of the sofa at home. This innovation will allow manufacturers to save on the processing of fabrics, and in addition will allow changing shabby upholstery to a new one, creating a different atmosphere in the house by simply replacing the material for your favorite sofa.

Eco Upholstery Cleaning by Prolux

If you have purchased eco-upholstered furniture, here comes the question – what is the best method to maintain it? Of course, the eco-friendly method. It is worth remembering that upholstered furniture are the first dust collector and the habitat of dust mites, the vital products of which cause allergic reactions. Also, during the use of furniture, spots, stains or greasy areas may appear on it, especially if there are small children or animals in the house. Eco upholstery cleaning will also be relevant for institutions of various specializations with a large flow of people.

To understand the benefits of using natural cleaners and detergents, let’s go from the opposite: what are you not comfortable with household synthetic chemicals? Most likely, you have already come across a caustic alkaline odor, allergies in family members, you are familiar with coughing attacks caused by the “aromas” of aggressive detergents.

The reason for the composition: it contains chlorine, phthalates, surfactants – a complete ammunition poisoning human health. Some may constantly breathe these chemicals, but allergy sufferers, asthmatics, people with dermatological diseases react sharply to synthetic chemistry.

Prolux cleaners are well familiar with the advantages of using eco-cleaning products. For that reason, they apply only top quality “green” preparations by Prochem – a proven leader in the production of eco products. Being available 24/7, Prolux is the preferred choice of a cleaning company for residents in London, leading an eco-friendly way of life.

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