Tips on learning how to drive

We all have our fears in life and one of mine was learning how to drive. I’m the kind of person that panics very easily and because of that, I thought that I could never get behind the steering wheel, let alone drive a car for a long distance.  But, as they say, need teaches you to do things you never thought you could so here I am today, writing about how to get over your fear of driving and giving you some tips on learning how to drive. Are you ready? Let’s start!

First of all, it took me quite a lot to get over my fear of driving but my husband’s words helped me a lot, he always said to me, once you are behind the wheel and in control of the car you know what to do and you won’t freak out that much. He was right! I always judged the situations from the passenger point of view and that’s a big mistake!

So if I could give you ONE big advice is to trust yourself! If you have enough trust in you, with enough practice you can do it!

Now, for new drivers like us, driving is scary in the beginning, but gets better in time, so here are a few tips that will make your driving experience more pleasant.

Practice makes perfect

I said it before and I will say it again, practice makes perfect and even if you passed your driver’s license test, you still have to practice. You can start small by driving on small roads that are not to busy and slowly gain enough confidence to go on highways or busy city roads. If it makes you more comfortable, you can also take someone more experienced with you.

Because you are a new driver and sometimes mistakes can happen, it’s best if you close a learner driver insurance in the UK. That way you have one thing to worry less about and you can concentrate on improving your driving skills.

Check everything when you get into the car

If you think that you just get in the car and you start driving you are wrong. The first thing to do it to check your mirrors first. You need to rely on them to see into your blind spots and it’s very dangerous to do it while driving, especially if you are a beginner, so just check them before.

Don’t forget to always use your indicator lights, even if you are alone on the road. Many drivers forget to do that and I can’t even begin to tell you how annoying and dangerous it is. By using your indicators all the time, this will become like second nature to you and you’ll never forget to do it.

Practice your parking skills

If you’ve ever met a new driver that doesn’t have issues with parking, please let me know, I need to congratulate him/her. For me, this is one of the trickiest part and I practice a lot to make sure I improve. Like with driving, start in a quiet place where there’s no rush to park, that way when you will be in a busy area, you are confident enough to do it good.

Don’t speed

You have no idea how many young drivers that just took their license are speeding on the roads like there’s no tomorrow. Unfortunately, that puts not only their lives in danger but other people’s as well. Try to remember that driving is not a race and speeding is not cool at all, it’s not worth to put everyone’s life in danger for a little adrenaline kick.

Drive according to the weather conditions

This is another mistake that even more experienced drivers do. You always need to adapt your speed to the weather conditions. If the weather is really bad, limit your speed and if the weather is awful (snowing, icy) make sure you have the right tires and equipment available.

These are just a few tips that you should keep in mind, especially if you just learned to drive. Don’t forget that confidence in yourself is key and that the more you practice the better it gets. Safe driving everyone!

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