How to have an amazing family road trip

If you’re going on a family road trip anytime soon and you’re driving there, the likelihood is that you’ll be spending a lot of time in the car. This can either be a really fun bonding time for everyone, or it could be an absolute nightmare. If you’d like it to be the first one, then even though there are no guarantees, you can have a go at making it the start of your holiday rather than just the journey with these simple tips:

Safety First

We all know that in most cases drivers relly on sat nav or GPS to get to a certain destination but we also know what using the phone while driving does to you, how many accidents occur just because you took your eyes from the steering wheel for just a second. It is extremely important that you keep that in mind, especially on a trip where you have to spend so much time driving and you have the whole family with you.

In order to help drivers test their reaction in a situation like this, Kwik Fit had created a game where you can test your abilities and see how easily you get distracted while driving. This can be a good help for you and also a wake-up call in case your abilities are not so sharp as you thought they are.

Talk About The Trip

Get everyone excited for the trip but also talking about it is key to getting the kids prepared for how long the journey is going to be. Tell them what things you’re going to pass on the way, create a car bingo for them, so they have to look out for these landmarks or items and time will fly by for all of you.

Get Comfy

You’ll be in the car for a long time, so the most crucial thing is everyone’s safety. Then, of course, it’s real comfort. If you’re not sure that your car will make this journey and you were thinking of getting a new car anyway, then now’s the time to get it.

Get Snacks

Snacking in the car keeps everyone happy; it gives you all something to do and something to keep the kids quiet. Get a mix of healthy snacks, sweet and savory, too much sugar on a long car journey could get the kids a bit too excited.

Listen To Music

Make sure you have a good selection of music for the journey. Again, this will stop everyone getting bored, and if you have a good mix of everyone’s favorites and some to sing along too then, you should keep everyone happy. You could also bring personal music systems and headphones so that everyone can listen to their own thing.

Scheduled Stops

Plan for stops en route and make sure you have time for them. Check out your journey beforehand and see if there’s anywhere, that would be fun to stop off at on the way. Aside from toilet stops or food breaks, there could be an attraction on the way which would get the holiday off to a good start or even just a park to play in where everyone can stretch their legs.

Take It Easy

Kids will sense when you’re stressed, so if you get angry with other drivers, tense because of traffic, this will affect them and make them stressed too. A few people in the car who are all stressed out is not a good mix. It’s such a small space, and when tensions are high, arguments can start, and this could ruin a holiday. So expect traffic, bad weather, bad drivers, expect the lot and take it in your stride. Enjoy the journey and enjoy the quality time and the conversation with the rest of your family.

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