Distract Yourself From The Winter Blues With These Gorgeous Autumn/Winter Decor Trends

Feeling a bit blue about winter? 1 in 15 people in the UK suffers from SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) which is thought to occur because of the lack of sunshine and natural light the darker months bring. Even if the new season doesn’t make you feel really low, it can be difficult to adjust to getting up in the dark and leaving behind the warmth and long hazy evenings of summer.

One effective way to distract yourself from the end of summer is to embrace the gorgeous autumn and winter decor trends that are here to beautify your home aesthetic. Not only will they help keep your mind away from the blustery and blowy vibes outside, but they might even make you want to spend more time inside because your home looks so stunning. 

Here are some of the latest autumn and winter trends for you to enjoy:

Peacock Blue

Peacock blue is a rich, bright colour to embrace and paint your walls with or enjoy in a more subtle way on furnishings and accessories. Teamed with more muted tones and colours, or deeper shades of blue, it is a bolder play on common jewel tones that can smother the autumn/winter decor market annually. 



Layering is always key in decor, but in winter it is what makes a room cosy. Chunky knits, faux fur throws, luxurious velvets, thick twine – layering for effective cosiness is instant Hygge for the season of hot chocolate, blankets and smiles. 

Black Furniture

Furniture has gone all moody and left behind the paler natural tones of Swedish minimalism. Black chairs, picture frames, tables, lamps – black is the shade of choice for this seasons furniture. 

Pink and Green


To be specific, there is a certain pink background, leafy foreground print that is absolutely everywhere this season. An exotic play on winter florals, this is the kind of print to embrace if you simply cannot do dulled down darks in a season that can already feel so weighed down by moody tones. 


You may have noticed summer planters and pots are a bit different this year, with a three-legged theme completely dominating the market. This theme continues well into the autumn and winter and is particularly useful when it comes to embracing nature in the home. Why not adorn your beautiful new Bathdisc bathroom with bright, three-legged pot plants galore, full to the brim with cascading luscious plants that breathe life into your bathroom?


Lowered seating is on-trend for autumn and winter, creating an interesting overall look for a room that has a lower furniture profile. It provides a comfortable setting for cosy, slouchy evenings in watching series after series whilst the gales bluster by outside. 

Natural Textiles


There’s an affinity with nature that the world of decor has had for a while and it continues to grow. Britons are more concerned about the environment than they are about the economy, statistics say. Organic, unbleached fabrics that are breathable and sustainable are definitely in for this season and all seasons. 

Customised Natural Pieces

As incredible as technology is, it continues to negatively affect our physical health, our sleep levels and has even been proven to make those who use a lot of social media feel more socially isolated than those who don’t. With that in mind, as humans, we are yearning for a stronger connection to nature to balance out the consistent connection to the digital world. Customised natural pieces form a reflection of that yearning within our living space. One-off pieces from carpenters and eco-foraged furniture is a creative slant on upcycling, with a focus on evident natural materials showcasing nature in its rawest form. For example, a bamboo bench, rather than a bench made from sawn wood. 

Blush Pink

Blush pink is everywhere this season and is especially evident in soft furnishings. It is the grown-up pink tone that lifts every room into a comfortable new season, without darkening the aesthetic. It also allows homeowners to be playful with colour, without being too bold. 

Large Bedside Furniture

Beds are taking a backseat to what we put next to them this autumn and winter. Bedside tables are oversized and serve as a platform for equally large plant holders or lamps. Never before as the humble bedside table had such a chance to shine and take the limelight. 

Autumn is a second spring, where every leaf is a flower. – Albert Camus

Autumn and winter in the UK can be a bit gloomy, but that doesn’t have to reflect in your decor. Your home can be your own private sanctuary from the colder weather outside, providing the perfect backdrop for many cosy memories indoors until spring returns next year.

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