How to have your own herb garden

If I would have to pick one childhood memory to cherish forever, it would be the one with my grandfather’s herb garden. I remember like yesterday how well he took care of all herbs and how much we used to love looking at everything grow right in front of our eyes.

I know that times have changed a lot since I was a child, but I always wanted to have my own herb garden one day, just like my grandfather had. You see, fresh herbs are not just delicious, but they are also packed with vitamins and they are a great way to bring nutrients into our diet.

When considering what types of herbs to grow, first ask yourself which herbs you use the most in cooking. Consult your recipe box; are there any particular herbs that you routinely buy fresh at the grocery store? If so, these should be your first choices. Remember that fresh herbs will taste far better than dried seasonings purchased in little bottles. While you may not care for the taste of dried dillweed, you may find that fresh dill is a real treat. When it comes to growing herbs, don’t limit yourself. They don’t require a lot of space, so start with a variety and see which ones you like best.

The main decision to be made in growing herbs is how much space you want to devote to them, whether you want to grow them indoors or out and for what purpose you wish to grow them. If you decide to grow them indoors, you have to make sure that the pot is big enough and that they are not overcrowded. They have to get plenty of water and sunlight and you have to trim them often so they can continue to grow.

If you have enough space outdoors and choose to have your herb garden there, you can pick between annual or perennial herbs, or both if you prefer so. Both the annual and perennial herbs can be propagated and as the colder months approach they can be dug up and potted, or alternatively cuttings can be taken. Pots of herbs will need some care over the winter and in the greenhouse will require good light, watering, ventilation and prompt removal of dead leaves or flowers.

Trago has made a calendar that will help you figure out when it’s best to saw or harvest your herb garden.


Herb gardening is an ideal area for a project for the novice gardenerFind Article, with a wide selection of herbs to choose from. They can be grown in almost any location and provide a usefully fragrant or edible product as a reward.

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