3 tips to organize your home working space

For many people, working from home sounds like a dream. I mean, you can’t have a working space better than your own home right? You don’t have to arrive in time for work at a certain time, no dress code and not many coworkers.  Well, let me tell you that it’s not quite like that. Although I can agree that it’s more relaxing to know that you work from your own home, this can be also very stressful.

The best example I can give you is myself. When I gave birth, I decided to work from home, I thought it’s going to be easy and I can do two things at the same time, caring for a baby and work. It worked ok for a while, but it’s not ideal because sometimes while working from home, it is tough to stay productive as there are a number of distractions lying around.

Because you can’t work in a total mess, it’s important to stay organized, that helps your mind be at ease and helps you stay productive and that’s what this post is all about. Let’s begin!

Keep Your Personal Space and Workspace Separate

When you blend your personal space with your workspace, it is a vicious cycle which will not allow you to stay productive at all. Sure, the thought of watching your favorite show on HBO while writing a due assignment for an important client may have some perks, but in reality, it will just lose your focus and tremendously decrease the level of your productivity. When you blend these two different worlds, you might be able to allocate time to either one properly.

Imagine that if you’d be in a proper office, you would have all kinds of meeting pods available to talk to your clients or your boss, but since that is not possible, you need to have a special room in the house where you can work in peace.

Be organized

Your office should contain everything you need to do your job properly. Keeping everything organized can help you to work efficiently and focus on the task at hand and let’s face it, clutter can be quite distracting. So what you need to do first, is de-clutter your room and keep only office essentials.

Get inspired

Working from home has also its benefits. One of them is that you can decorate your home working space to your liking. Experts say comfortable surroundings can motivate and inspire you to produce better quality work so it’s important that your office reflects your personality.

You have the freedom to decorate your office to your taste, that doesn’t mean it has to reflect necessarily your business. I mean, if you love a pop of color now and there, do it, everything that makes you happy and inspires you should reflect in the image of your office.

These things helped me a lot to stay focused on my work and not feel so much that I am at home but in a more relaxed working environment. If you have other tips for the perfect home working space, don’t be shy and leave them in the comment box below. Take care!

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