Must have technology for your modern garden office

Thanks to the internet, many people are able to enjoy the benefits of working from the comfort of their home in a garden office. Whether you’re self employed, or work for a company that allows you to work from home, almost everything can be done remotely now, so why waste your valuable time commuting with sweaty strangers?

With technology advancing faster now than it ever has, you need to be ahead of the curve to run a modern garden office.

Essential tech for your garden office

The whole point of technology is to streamline one’s life and make everything a little easier. These pieces of fine technology are essential things you never knew you needed!

Robot vacuum cleaner

One of the cons of working from a garden office is that you have to clean it yourself; no cleaners here!

Working from home really makes you miss the office cleaner, who would always empty your bins and keep your office space clean.

While you’ll still have to wash up your own coffee mug and change the bin bags, with a robot vacuum cleaner, you’ll never have to worry about cleaning your floors again. Just turn it on and let it work its magic while you work yours.

Invest in wireless hardware

Wires are sooo 2018!

If your garden office set up has wires, then it can’t be a modern garden office! Most people have a wireless mouse these days, but since Bluetooth keyboards have come down in price, they have become the must-have office accessory.

Without the wires you can move your keyboard wherever it needs to be on the desk while you work, which can ease some of the frustration that accompanies the need to spread out.

Upgrade your cloud storage

Most email or office-based software accounts come with basic amount of cloud storage for free, but if you’re really serious about your business, upgrading is a must.

The best thing about cloud storage is that you can work anywhere, on any device. This not only means that your work is portable without lugging any hardware about, but if you lose or corrupt a device or storage device with your work on it, you can rely on the back-up. 

Cloud storage is also easy to share with others and doesn’t require you to physically meet up to transfer data, so you can it them to work closely with other remotely located colleagues.

Get a personal assistant

An Artificial Intelligence Personal Assistant (AIPA) is a cost effective way to make lists, keep appointments and even order important office supplies (like coffee).

A wireless smart speaker like a Google Home will have an in-built assistant. Google assistant can answer questions, play music and set timers; they can even turn your lights on and off for you.

It won’t make you a cup of coffee during a dull afternoon meeting, but you also don’t have to pay it a monthly wage. You win some, you lose some.

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