Eliminating Dog Odors Naturally in the Home

So, you love your dog, but not the odor it brings with it. Have you been keeping your dog outside because of its smell? That’s no fun for you and your pet. There are steps you can take that can make an indoor relationship naturally odor free. Here are some healthy ways to address the odor problem.

The Dog

Keeping your dog clean is the first way the odor problem should be addressed. Shampooing your dog once a week is a giant leap toward eliminating the stinky dog smell. Pick a shampoo that will also help to moisturize the fur and skin without added fragrance.

Groom your dog daily to loosen any dirt and dog dander. If you detect any odor, use dry baking soda sprinkled on the coat between baths. Sprinkle, then brush. You may want to do this outside for easy clean-up. Baking soda will not harm your pet.

Next, keep a close watch on your dog’s ears. If you see any build-up or detect an odor, try either equal water to vinegar or equal parts water to hydrogen peroxide to clean to the outer ear. If that does not solve the problem, make an appointment with a vet.

The dog collar may be adding to the problem. Make sure you purchase a type of the stink-free waterproof collars that are offered on the market. They are affordable and come in a huge array of colors and designs.

Stinky dog breath may also be a problem. Brush your dog’s teeth with a homemade paste of baking soda and a meat broth for better taste. Make sure to use a soft bristle toothbrush. Also, look for natural chew bones that will help remove soft plaque that can build up on the teeth adding to bad breath.

If after doing all this, your dog still smells, you may want to have your pet examined by the vet to find out if there is a health problem. Skin infections and gland problems are common odors issues.

The House

Dog beds are often an area that can stink of pet odors. A good idea is to have a removable, washable cover over the bedding. Wash the over often sprinkling baking powder on the bedding before adding the fresh cover back onto the bedding. Adding vinegar to the rinse cycle also will help get rid of persistent, pesky smells.

In between washings, if you notice any odor, spritz the bedding and cover with equal parts vinegar and water. The vinegar smell will dissipate quickly as will the dog odor. Occasionally, airing out the cover and bedding in the sun is another way of refreshing them.

Carpet and rugs are notorious for holding odors. Baking soda comes to the rescue again. Sprinkle baking soda on your carpet and rugs, allow to sit for a couple of hours, and then vacuum.

The more limited the areas that a dog can access in the house, the smaller your odor problem. Train your dog to stay off of the beds, couches, chairs, and other upholstered furniture where odors can hide.

All Said

Pet odors should not keep you from having your pet inside rather than being outside in the elements. Dogs want to belong as part of the family. Using pet-friendly natural deodorizers is a healthy way to keep your pet inside, warm, and happy.

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