How to transform your attic into a dream room

Every single time that I hear the word attic, I think of a mystery room, don’t ask me why. There’s something magical about this special room, a warm feeling that stays with you even when you’re not there. This space is very versatile, you practically can turn it in any room that you desire, a new bedroom, a playroom for the kids, a bathroom, an office, the possibilities are endless.

Before you hurry into buying new decorations, I think you should take a look at this post where I share with you some tips that you should take into consideration if you plan a complete attic makeover.

 Natural light is important

Usually, attics don’t come with a lot of windows, some of them don’t have them at all, so you will have to add them yourself. Skylights and roof windows are the go-to choices for bringing natural light into an attic room. Just imagine all that natural light! A dream! If you’re tired of having to stand the sun inside all day long you can add some special blinds.

 Go for lighter colours

Not all the attics are big, so in order to create the illusion of a bigger space, go for lighter when you paint the walls. To create a large looking space, try to paint the ceiling in the same color as the walls. That way there won’t be any visible borders and space will look bigger.

 Keep it simple

Try not to overload the room with unnecessary furniture. Not only the room will look smaller than it is, but it will also look bad, so keep it simple and tidy. You know what they say, less is more!

Custom built furniture

Because an attic has so many angles it’s hard to find furniture pieces that will fit, so custom built furniture might be a solution. If this is an expensive option, you can search for DIY furniture that you can build yourself. That way you can have furniture that will suit your taste and you will also have the satisfaction that you made it yourself.

If you want to have all the spa amenities in your own home, why not transform your attic into a luxury bathroom with all the right amenities? An Insignia Shower Cabin looks amazing and it will make you think that you are in a 5-star hotel and not your own home.

The small details count

You have a newly decorated attic, everything is at its place, but it’s the small personal details that give the place life, that make the place your own. Add a nice cheap carpet that will keep the room warm, some plants that will bring the place to life, some fairy lights to create a magical space at night, your imagination is the key.
What other tips do you have to create a magical place out of an old attic?

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