How to take proper care of your car's tyres

Driving a car that has worn out tyres, is like playing the Russian roulette with your life and the lives of the other passengers and drivers that you share the road with. Statistics show that the risk of having a serious crash increase when you’re driving a car with worn-out tyres.

Caring for the tyres of your vehicle can be achieved in a variety of ways including occasionally checking the tyre air pressure. Regular maintenance of the car tyre is also important. The maintenance involves maintaining proper rotation, alignment, and even inspections. These forms of diligence to your tyres will help you even save money.

Caring for the tyres is also important because it will prolong their life of the tyres and this means you will not have the need to buy new ones every now and then. Basic inspections like checking your tyres’ air pressure to make sure that they are well inflated can make a significant difference in how long your tyres will last.

Because the front and rear axles and right and left sides of your car wear down your tyres differently, rotating your tyres regularly between the different positions will ensure they wear evenly and therefore even last longer.

Now I guess you are wondering what can you do to take proper care of your tyres. Well, check out the list below:

Respect the load capacity

This means that you do not exceed the load capacity relative to the tyre’s load index. Tyres loaded beyond their maximum loads can build up excessive heat that may result in sudden tyre destruction.

Use your spare tyre

In case of any damage to a tyre or wheel, replace it with your spare tyre and have your tyre checked by a professional technician.

Inspect the tyre occasionally

You may not always notice if one of your tyres has been damaged. Inspect your tyres regularly for wear and any damage to avoid any sudden problems. Also, have a professional inspect your tyres every year, and look for trusted tye dealers in your area –Tyres in Northampton can be booked in just few clicks, visit Calmac Tyres website now.

Check air pressure

Driving with faulty tyre pressures can affect a vehicle’s handling and braking, especially in wet conditions, and can seriously compromise your safety as well as that of your passengers. Driving on severely under-inflated tyres can cause build-up of heat and eventually a premature failure. Check your tyre pressure monthly and before every long trip.

Avoid driving at high speeds constantly

At greater speeds, tyres have a greater chance of being damaged by road hazards or heat build-up. High speeds can also contribute to a rapid air loss or even a sudden tyre explosion, which can cause the loss of control of the vehicle.

Tyres are therefore just as important as your engine and your fuel bank. For this reason, drivers should put equal consideration towards ensuring the wellness of their tyres because it translates to just about everything that your automobile is able to perform efficiently and effectively.

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