How to choose the perfect watch for you

Watches don’t only serve the purpose of keeping the trail of time but they are also a remarkable accessory for adding some special touch of sophistication to your style. The grace, style and unique elegance a watch as an accessory can provide are unbeatable. An elegantly suave watch is still considered a key to complete a gentlemen’s look. Not only men, but this is also a popular fashion & style accessory for women too.

Since watches can perfectly touch up one’s look with grace, refinement and incredible style, I thought I could put together a guide that you help everybody that looks for an elegant watch to enhance their personality. Enjoy!

Pick A Style!

What makes watches such a great fashion accessory is that they come in so many different styles. This is fantastic because it means there’s a watch out there to suit anyone’s style. It’s also a bit of a double-edged sword because now you have so many to choose from! It can be difficult to narrow down your choice to just one watch

My advice would be to pick the style you think will suit most of your looks. If you intend to wear a watch strictly for when you work out, then a sporty style will suit you. If you want a watch for everyday wear, then maybe a classic or trendy style is the best for you.

omoga watchI’m not a fashionista and I dress mostly casual, but I do like my accessories to be on point, if you know what I mean.  My favorite pieces are from Omega watches. I always look for their latest models on ChronoExpert because I like to keep up with the new releases. These watches have an exquisite design and they can make any outfit, elegant or casual look stunning!

It’s also important you know what type of watch you’re getting. Some watches are mechanical; some are automatic. This is only important because it will determine how you get it repaired or maintained. For example, automatic watches require automatic watch maintenance. Whereas a mechanical one won’t be able to get maintenance this way.

Decide On A Fit!

Now then, when you buy a watch you have to get it fitted to your wrist. This is to make sure the watch feels comfortable when you wear it. There’s no set size that’s perfect for someone, it depends on personal preference. Some people prefer to have their watches fit snug and tight around their wrist. They like it to stay set in place because they feel like it looks better that way.

However, I have seen some people prefer to have their watches a little loose. Particularly with some smaller, trendy, watches, they like the loose fit. It can be more comfortable and make your wrist feel more free. It also makes your watch look a little bit more like a fashion accessory, rather than anything else. Your watch starts to feel more like a fancy bracelet, instead of a watch. Again, some people prefer to have it this way, it’s up to you. Your job is to figure out how you like your watch to fit your wrist.

Price Point

I don’t know about you, but I am a watch collector and I see my watches as investments. I know that not everyone can make such an investment, but watches are indeed timeless pieces and you can be sure that if you maintain it good, it will last you forever.


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