How to stay warm and cosy this season

I think it’s safe to say that winter is not my favorite season! It’s not so fun to be outside anymore so I enjoy the warmth of my home a lot! Actually, I love winter just because it’s the time of the year when I enjoy being at home a lot. You know, a nice cup of hot cocoa, a fireplace, candles, a lovely book, you get the picture.

Although it’s nice to enjoy a warm house, we also have to pay the bills and in winter, the prices for the heating system can go pretty high, but I’m here to tell you that they don’t have to! Yes, you read right, I have some tips for you that will help you enjoy a warm house this winter, without breaking the bank. Interested? Then read on!

You don’t have to turn on your entire central heating system all the time

What’s the first thing that you want to do once the cold weather is installed? First of all, you should check your central heating installation or your central heating boilers and male sure they’re in order.  I mean that’s the logical thing you should do. In order to keep costs low, try to set it at a lower temperature when you sleep or when you are out. There’s no need to warm up the house so much if you’re not there and at night you have a warm blanket on anyway.

If you have rooms in the house that you don’t use that much, you can close the heating in those rooms and heat only the rooms that you’re using. That’s another way of keeping costs low and still enjoy the warmth.

Achieve that cozy feeling inside your home

We all know this feeling and I bet we’re all loving it! I mean, there’s nothing better than come home after a long day and enter a cozy home. According to research, standing in front of a fireplace can be very relaxing but if you don’t have one, don’t worry! Just light up some candles, add some fairy lights if you wish, grab a hot chocolate and a book and enjoy your night.

If you’re more the minimalist type and you love everything that’s modern, then some modern designer radiators will not only keep you warm, but they would also look stylish.

Don’t forget the blanket!

A simple yet effective way of keeping in heat, whether from a gas fire or any other source, is to ensure that the curtains are drawn and that the doors are closed in the evenings especially, to keep as much heat in the room as possible. Look out for any air gaps – underneath doors are a common area for heat to escape, and can be easily rectified by purchasing a relatively cheap draught excluder.

These are just a few tips that will help you stay warm this winter. If you have more tips don’t forget to let me know!

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