Underwear Essentials for Every Woman

The dreaded panty line makes every woman cringe. It’s embarrassing, and to look completely flawless, no one should be able to see any part of your underwear. We all go for the basics when purchasing underwear, and we may not think about some other essentials we don’t have.

You need the right underwear for every outfit, so here are some pieces that you may or may not already have, and should look into getting to diversify your drawers.

Boy Shorts

Boy shorts are called boy shorts because men’s boxers inspire them. They’re comfortable and versatile. You can wear them under skirts and dresses. They work better than thongs because you can’t see panty lines and you don’t feel on display underneath.


Briefs are common. You can buy packages of them and pair them with anything that doesn’t hug your body or show panty lines. They’re traditional, comfortable, and modest. They look great with jeans or pleated skirts that are too busy to see through.


Hipster panties are low-rise and go great with your low-rise jeans. The sides have broad coverage, meaning they’re incredibly comfortable and make you feel secure, even when your pants are riding low.


When a panty line bump ruins the look of your outfit, choose a thong instead. Pencil skirts and bodycon dresses require thongs to keep the lines of your outfit smooth for maximum impact.

French-Cut and Control Panties

Both of these styles are high waisted and look great with high waisted pants. They help you control your middle, making you look slimmer and feel a bit more comfortable on days when you don’t feel like sucking it in.

You may consider adding other styles to your selection like g-strings, seamless panties, or Brazilian briefs if you feel like you need things with a bit of extra flare. Bonds underwear comes in many styles, and you can find all of your essentials with no problem.

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