Makeup essentials that every woman should have

Look inside the average woman’s makeup bag, and you will probably be greeted by quite a sight. The makeup scene has exploded in the past couple of years, partially thanks to the rise of online beauty gurus and people offering video makeup tutorials. The market has grown along with this, with more and more brands appearing every few months, from organic and natural products to those that are filled with harmful chemicals, and celebrities releasing their own ranges.

With this in mind, it’s little wonder that most of our makeup bags are full to the seams. But when you strip back the new fad products or the celebrity endorsements, what you’ll find it that most women’s makeup basics are all pretty much the same. Here are the top products that every woman needs in her makeup collection.


Eyeshadow palette

Eyeshadow has seen a bit of a resurgence lately. Once resigned as a thing of the 1990’s in all its azure blue glory, the eyeshadow is now a staple in almost everyone’s makeup bag. But this is no azure blue we’re talking about here. Eyeshadow is all about building depth and interest to the eyes, not completely taking them over with some wacky colour.

Opt for a neutral colour palette that allows you to create a number of different looks – glowing golden eyes, for example or a classic smoky eye. Providing you are also armed with the right brushes, it is pretty easy to recreate either of these looks yourself at home.

A good foundation

Just as a house is built upon foundations, we also need a good base for our makeup. Foundation can be used to give your face a bit more glow or to help cover up any spots or dark patches you may suffer from. As you may wear foundation every day, it is the kind of thing that is worth spending a little more money on.  As a general rule, match your skin tone exactly during winter, and go one shade darker during summer. Your body will tan in sunny weather, so you need to account for the fact that your face needs to match! Liquid foundation is the most popular type as it is suitable for all skin tones, but they can also come in other forms such as powders and even mousses.

A lengthening and curling mascara

One easy way to look more feminine and ‘put together’ even if you are not wearing any other makeup at all is to wear mascara. It helps to immediately open up your eyes and make you look much more girly. Some mascaras claim to lengthen lashes while others claim to curl them but in order to save time finding one that can do both. No one has time to be messing around with eyelash curlers on a day to day basis, so with a great mascara in hand you can be out the door and looking fabulous within seconds.

A good blush

There are a multitude of blushes on the market, but if you want to save space in your makeup bag, I would suggest going for a cream blush that can also be used as a lipstick. That way, you have a 2 in 1 product with multiple uses.

If you are on the run and you don’t like to spend precious time in the morning doing your makeup, then the permanent makeup is the perfect solution for you. You can read more on this subject and make an informed decision, but it’s something that you might want to consider.

These are just a few makeup basics items that in my opinions should be in every woman’s collection. The makeup industry grows so much every year, that it’s basically impossible to write all the products that you can use in one post, but even if you own the basics you are just fine!

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