Iceland - a treasure that awaits to be discovered

I’ll admit it, I’m not an experienced traveller and I usually pick destinations where I can just enjoy the scenery and do some shopping. Should I say that maybe I’m a lazy traveller? Is that even a thing? Well, nevermind! This year I decided to change things and go on an adventure!

Yes, my friends! This year, me and my husband decided to visit Iceland! I am beyond excited because I didn’t know many things about this destination, so I had to do my research and today I will share everything I found out about Iceland with you! Are you ready? Enjoy!

Useful Information

The first thing that I did was to go on the site of the Icelandic Directorate of Immigration site and check if I need any special visa in order to visit Iceland. I suggest you do the same if you’re planning a trip there because you don’t want to have the unpleasant surprise and not be able to enter the country.

Now, the best period to visit Iceland would be in the summer months of May/August, but is there any specific time when it’s best to visit? I am pretty sure that there are amazing activities to do and great places to see in every season, but indeed, if you want to find all the roads open and enjoy a warmer weather, then summer is the best time to do so.

Regarding the weather, well, we all know that you can’t really predict the weather so I will make sure to pack some warm clothes too. Of course, you should always keep in mind the activities that you plan to do on the island and pack accordingly.

So, now that we know what papers we need, what’s the best time to visit and what to pack for our trip, it’s time to check out what activities you can do in Iceland, right?

Things you can do in Iceland

Drive the Golden Circle

iceland golden circle

The only thing that comes to mind when I think of this adventure is freedom! The Golden Circle is the name given to a 300-kilometre circular route from Reykjavik and back which encompasses many of Iceland’s most famous landmarks. Just imagine how awesome it is to rent a car in Iceland and drive around the Golden Cirle and enjoy the beauty of the scenery! You can stop wherever you want, whenever you want and you avoid all the busy bus lines that happen when you decide to go with a tour bus.

Try snorkeling in Silfra

snorkeling slfra

This is quite a unique experience that you should definitely try! My husband has this activity on his list and I bet he counts the days until we get there and he gets to do this. Silfra is located in ├×ingvallavatn Lake in ├×ingvellir National Park and it’s basically a crack between the North American and Eurasian continents. I think it’s quite an adventure to get to swim between two continents, so I’m looking forward to this too.

See the Nothern Lights northern lights

This stunning natural phenomenon called Northern Lights is simply breathtaking and you really shouldn’t leave Iceland without experiencing it! Just for seeing them, you have to go on an adventure, because they don’t have a specific spot where they appear and when you do see them, they never look the same as the last time. To be honest with you, I think I will go every single night of our stay in Iceland to see them, I think they’re amazing!

Visit the Blue Lagoon

Blue lagoon iceland

This milky blue water has conquered my heart forever and I really cannot wait to get there! From what I read, the Blue Lagoon is pretty close to the airport, so it will be my first stop when I go to Iceland. It’s like going to a natural spa right after I step out of the plane, pretty cool right?

In case you don’t know, the Blue Lagoon is a geothermal pool where the water features three active ingredients: Silica, Algae & Minerals that have amazing benefits for your body. The water is always warm, so you don’t have to worry if you visit it in autumn or even winter, you can still enjoy it to the max.

Other activities that I have on my to-do list for Iceland include: visiting the glaciers, go and see the whales (I think this experience will be fantastic), explore more the capital of Iceland, Reykjavik and enjoy the scenery as much as I can!

Since my biggest hobby is photography, you can imagine I will take a lot of pictures, so expect a lot of posts about Iceland coming up in autumn!

As you can tell just by reading this post, I am very excited to go to Iceland this summer! I believe it’s a gorgeous island that can offer some unforgettable adventures and memories!


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