Tips for a great looking hair

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Let’s face it, having a good-looking hair requires a lot of time and commitment. It’s not enough to use a good shampoo or conditioner, you really have to take your time and see what problems your hair has in order to solve them.

With that in mind, I’ve created a little guide that will help you achieve a gorgeous hair faster than you think. Enjoy!

Healthy lifestyle

You know what they say, beauty has its roots on the inside. Without hair, it’s the same thing. A healthy diet and lifestyle reflect in your skin and hair, so get your inner health sorted. Hydration is key – aim to drink those elusive eight glasses of water a day. Even if you don’t quite make it, increasing the amount of water you drink is always beneficial to your inner and outer health.

Find a good hairdresser

A good hairdresser is worth their weight in gold, so spend some time asking for recommendations and shopping around to find the right one for you. Regular trims are best for your hair’s health. Even if you are looking to grow your hair longer, rid your hair of split ends at least every three months. Long layers are the best cut for movement and volume. The layers will encourage any natural wave or curl your hair might have, creating the illusion of thicker, fuller hair.

Deal with hair loss

Hair loss is something quite natural and can happen for a multitude of reasons. From too much stress to a hormonal imbalance, everything can trigger it, but the key is how you deal with it. You can take multivitamins, try scalp treatments and give it time.

Protect your hair

Avoid frustrating breakages that result in a loss of fullness and body by protecting your hair when using hot styling tools. It is important to maintaining long and healthy locks to treat your hair with a heat protector spray or serum while it is still wet before using your dryer or straightener. Also, never use flat or curling irons on wet hair as it will cause permanent damage to your strands.

If you are looking for a fast change of hairstyle, you can always turn to half wigs. You’ll have great hair within minutes and without any effort at all.

Treat your hair

Regularly treating your poor, tired hair to intensive conditioning will help maintain its quality and mean that less will have to be trimmed off at the hairdressers. There are plenty of at-home treatments you can try, from masks to leave-in conditioners that will nourish your hair and keep it in tip-top shape.

These are just a few tips that helped me achieve a great hair in no time. Do you have other tips for me?

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