Neutral Coloured Rugs

Neutral coloured rugs are a big trend at the moment and they are sure to give to a room a timeless look. A rug with neutral colours can make a statement in your place, simplifies overwhelming looks, and is great for minimalistic and Scandinavian styles. But what it is considered a neutral colour? How can you match it with other d├ęcor in your place? Which neutral colour is more suitable? This post helps to answer these questions.

Neutral Colours

Colours that we consider neutral are white, cream, beige, brown, white and black. They are called neutral because they don’t have a real identifiable colour nor do they seem saturated. Neutral is not synonym for boring – instead neutral colours are beautifully simple and are perfect when looking for a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere. A positive of neutral shades is that they are appreciated by everyone and can be easily matched with any colour. Because they are easy to match, they simplify any future makeover you want to give to your place, ensuring you don’t need a new rug.

Incorporating A Rug Into Your Place

Since neutral rugs match any colour and furniture, they can go in all rooms. Neutral rugs combined with natural materials such as plants and wooden furniture are perfect to create natural looks, whereas black or white rugs can help monochrome themes. Neutral rugs are great for small rooms or rooms that don’t have enough light as they are able to open up the space. For large rooms, they help create better proportions and help to define areas. Even though neutral colours are not saturated, playing with the shade of a neutral colour such as brown can help to make a room look warmer and welcoming. If you feel that your room has too many patterns or bold colours, a neutral rug will help to tone this down. In addition, a rug in every room will help your place feel more like home and give continuity and fluidity.

Which Colour Is For You?

Depending on the look you are wanting for your home, there is a colour for you. If you need to make a room look larger and lighter, white and cream are the best options. Cream is great if you think white can seem too cold, as cream opens up a room while still making it look warm and cosy. Beige is also great for this. Black is better for large rooms and hides dirt well while making the place look elegant and classy.

A great combination is black rugs with golden tones this gives sophistication to the room. The same effect is achieved with grey rugs, but without darkening or lightening rooms too much like black does. Grey rugs are also great with wood and help make the room look smarter. Grey has many shades to choose form, so depending on the size of your room, it can compliment the place by making the room look bigger with a light grey, or smaller when using dark grey in a larger room. For rural looks, go for brown since it is natural and earthy and helps to bring in the outdoors. From the practical point of view, like black, it hides well dirt.

As you can see neutral rugs have lots of qualities. So, which neutral coloured rug is made for you?

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