How Can I Use Black and White Tiles?

One of the most classic tile combinations is without a doubt black and white tiles. No matter whether you want a traditional or a more modern look, you can be sure that by using this combination you will get a classy and sophisticated aesthetic. There are many ways to combine those colours, so here are some ways you can create a stunning look with black and white tiles.


One of the most classic styles is using square tiles. Now with Victorian bathrooms on trend, square tiles are more relevant than ever. The square shape marries very well with black and white.  Pair black and white square tiles in an alternating pattern and you will get a unique and classy look. Pair that pattern with antique furniture like a traditional bath and you will get an amazing Victorian bathroom.

Black and White Prints

If you want something more original, why not try going for a patterned print tile? You can get a gorgeous look thanks to the intricate designed made of black and white. If you are looking for something original for your bathroom floor tiles, this can be your answer. Why not match these tiles with wood and ornate furnishings to make a statement? As you probably know, patterns are hugely popular at the moment, so why not use the classic white and black colours to create a beautiful pattern?

Geometric Shapes

Geometric shapes are also very relevant at the moment in the interior design world, and patterns with this shape are a great addition to modern houses. Use geometric black and white tiles for your floors and walls and you will manage to open up small spaces. Some of these patterns can also contain grey, which is great as it adds dimension and works well as an intermediary between white and black that accentuates the rest of the decoration in the house.


For a luxurious look, marble is the key. However, if you like marble but you are on a tight budget, you can always go for marble effect tiles. These are cheap tiles yes, but look great and give you the same look as marble tiles but without the price tag. It is much easier to find white than black marble, so what you can do is match white marble with dark grey or black slate tiles – this way you not only get colour contrast but a texture contrast too.

So there you have it – four ideas to combine black and white tiles at your place and get a stunning result. Don’t worry about getting a strong result, with colours like white and black you can never go wrong. Besides, since they are neutral colours, you won’t have any trouble mixing and matching those tiles with other colours and textures. Ultimately the choice is yours, and you can be sure that with white and black tiles, your house will look unique and timeless. So why are you waiting to create your own combination?

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