How to plan the perfect bathroom renovation

When you think bathroom renovation, you may think things are quite simple. Everything has to come out and new shiny stuff come in and that’s it! Well, think again! This is a big project even if we are talking about one simple room that is relatively small.

If you don’t plan ahead very carefully you might notice that a relatively short project can stretch out for weeks longer than originally scheduled, costing you time, money and frustration. So what do you have to do first?

Well, as I mentioned before, a good planning is the key! Think about your budget and what changes you want to bring to your bathroom. Are they worth it? Do you have the budget to make it happen? How long will it take? These are all questions that you have to answer before you start this project.

If you ask me, I would say without any doubt that for this project DIY just won’t do. You really have to consider, and hire, a professional to give you guidance and help because it’s a big investment. “Our property renovation services are of the highest standard with the best quality workmanship obtainable in the home renovation industry”. spokesperson at – New Line Construction.

Working with a professional means you’ll have someone to help you prioritize. It’s important to be clear from the beginning about what you do and don’t want. Changing your mind or adding items in the middle of the process will add time, as well as cost, to the project.

Also, it’s very important to think ahead! Don’t go for the latest model of bathroom if it’s not going to be usable for a long term. If you have space, go for a walk-in shower and not only for a bathtub. It’s very practical and it’s much more elegant than the standard shower.

The floor is also an important factor when we are talking about a bathroom. I am sure you know how many accidents happen because of that and this is why it’s so important. You need to look for sturdy and durable surfaces which can withstand frequent foot traffic as well as water and heavy furnishings like tubs, toilets and vanities. Stone flooring like ceramic tile and marble are excellent options for bathroom floors.

Lighting is another important matter and trust me, you can never have too much light in your bathroom. It’s always better to install some good lighting fixtures that can make a bathroom warm and inviting.

Determine if you need a bathtub or not. Key components to selecting a tub are usually depth and length. Deeper tubs are more inviting than the 60-inch standard length. Only you know how much you will use the tub, so take a moment and sit in it to determine if it will suit your needs or if you’re happy only using the shower.

These are just a few tips that will ensure that your bathroom renovation or upgrade is a success while managing your expenses for the best return on your investment.

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