How to bring your garden to life this spring

I knew I wanted a garden ever since I was a little girl! I grew up in the city and I knew that when I’ll be older, I’ll have my own house with a nice garden. Time passed by and here I am with the garden of my dreams, but I really wonder why nobody told me that gardening is not as easy as it seems?

Well friends, I’m here to tell you exactly that! Owning a garden is a great thing, you can enjoy it on the warm months of the year, it’s great for relaxing, for the kids to play and consume their energy, but it requires a lot of work in order to enjoy it!

So, are you wondering what you have to do in order to have a beautiful garden for the warm season? Look no further, I have some tips for you that will help you to achieve that in no time. Enjoy!

Remove the unnecessary

After the cold season, your garden might not be in the best shape, probably because you need to do some cleaning. Take some time off and clean all the leaves and dirt that might have gathered during the winter.

Don’t forget to check everything out, maybe you need to do some repairs. For example, I started by asking my husband to repair the fence. I want my garden to look the best possible and for that everything has to be ok.

Give it a fresh look

Now, once the fence will be fixed, I plan to give it a fresh look by giving it a new paint. Don’t forget that if you plan to paint the things in your garden (fence, plant pots) you really have to clean then well before you do that. Otherwise, they will look worse than before and that’s not what we’re after!

Pruning and Weeding

This is my least favorite part, but it has to be done! Pruning back shrubs, trees and plants that have gotten a bit unruly over the winter months is something that should be done as soon as the weather starts to improve. If you can start your pruning even earlier in the year, then do so – as soon as the sun starts to get higher and the days start getting longer, this is the chance for plants to go wild.

It’s better that you start to tame them before it’s totally unmanageable. Keeping on top of them is the best thing to do in this instance. The same goes for any weeding that needs doing especially on paths and in between paving slabs.

Add lights

Lights not only help your garden look beautiful, but they also help you to enjoy the outdoors even later at night.Think fairy lights, stringed bulbs, even solar-powered lamps which can dangle in the wind. It helps you to stay out in the garden for longer, especially during the summer months. Why cut an evening short just because you don’t have the visibility? Get the visibility sorted and you’re onto a winner.

Add some decorations

There are so many decorations that you can take inside into your garden to make it a wonderful garden. From decorative plant pots to wall picture of your loved ones and dangling wind chimes, this really is subjective to your own personal taste and can be as amazing as your imagination lets it be.

If you like to do some DIY projects, there are plenty of things to do for your garden, so you can let your imagination flow. I always check sites like Groupon for the latest patio and garden offers. They have a wide range of products and the fact that I can get them on a very good price seals the deal for me.

These are just a few tips that can help you achieve a wonderful garden just in time for the warm season. If you have other tips for me, please share them in the comment section, that way we’ll all have a gorgeous garden to enjoy this summer.

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