Experience Canada’s capital in 2018: best things to see and do in Ottawa

Plan on paying a visit to the Great White North in 2018? If your plans have you exploring Ontario, including Ottawa is a must.As the capital of Canada, it contains attractions that will interest all members of your travel party and is one of the most popular locations for Canada tours. Let’s get into the details below…

1) Explore Parliament Hill

Ottawa serves as the seat of Canada’s government – knowing this, how can you really say you’ve traveled to this city if you don’t spend at least an hour wandering around Parliament Hill? From the Eternal Flame out front to the numerous statues of important Canadians of yesteryear, there is a lot more to this site than the main Buildings of Parliament.

Tours are given daily free of charge, and if you are in town at the right time of year, you might even get a chance to sit in the public gallery and watch this nation’s politicians joust with each other over the issues of the day.

However, tours are sometimes canceled due to specific functions. If you suddenly have a day to fill and the weather isn’t cooperating outside, we recommend cocooning in your hotel room and taking advantage of all the entertainment options the internet has to offer.

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In time, the weather will improve and the following day will dawn, allowing you to see the Centre Block of Parliament just as you had planned from the beginning.

2) Tour Byward Market

It is said the soul of a city can be found within its markets – this maxim is no less true in Ottawa, as Byward Market is a place that defines much of this city’s social life. More than just a place to pick up organic fruit and vegetables from local farmers, you’ll also find boutiques, fine restaurants, and some of the city’s hottest nightlife.

3) Go museum hopping

As the center of federal government in Canada, Ottawa has a surplus of amazing museums worth checking out.

Art lovers will love the National Gallery, history buffs will dig places like the War Museum and Canadian Museum of History, while science wonks will love what they find at the Canada Science and Technology Museum.

If you are into this type of attraction, set aside at least two full days to take in as many as you desire.

4) Take in Gatineau Park

Situated across the river in Hull, Gatineau Park is a nature-filled getaway which gives the Capital Region’s residents a chance to unwind from their stressful lives. Covered in the forest, dotted with lakes, and even boasting a ski area, you’ll find a way to connect with a small sliver of Canada’s vast wilderness as well.

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