How to take care of dry skin

Dry and itchy skin is not only irritating, but it is more especially annoying! It can make you feel nervous as well, while at the very same time cause your skin to appear red, flaky and scaly. So, is there anything that can be done in order to help treat as well as prevent this extremely common and aggravating condition from persistently occurring as well as reoccurring?

First, you should consider finding out why you have itchy and dry skin in the first place. Is the weather to blame for it? Is it due to the fact that your surrounding lacks humidity? Do you have skin conditions which require a doctor’s attention? You could be allergic or sensitive to one item or more.

There are so many allergens as well as other substances which your skin gets into direct contact with every day which can cause the dryness of your skin. Among the most typical of which include harsh cleaning agents and water. There are some homes that have what is referred to as hard water. The latter can be harsh on the skin and hair. Hard water contains tons of impurities that can make your skin overly dry.

You may require a visit to your doctor, particularly if you believe that you have a serious skin disorder, an allergy, or in case the state of your skin is not getting any better. Your doctor may suggest certain drugs to help cure the skin condition, allergy, and itchiness.

If you believe the dryness is because of the weather, then consider having a humidifier installed at home. However, in case you think that the dryness of your skin is not really that serious yet and can still be treated by you, then there are several home solutions which you can choose to try out.

Keep your skin moisturized

Find products meant specifically for overly dry and sensitive skin. Use a moisturizer every single day. Note that some moisturizers may even assist in preventing wrinkles. Shea butter is an excellent option. It is packed with antioxidants, essential fatty acids, and phytonutrients that will moisturize your skin deeply. Apply this every night before you sleep, so you wake up with smoother, softer and suppler skin.

Drink lots of water

If you are dehydrated, it will manifest in the form of dry skin. With this, regardless of how much moisturizer or lotion you apply, your skin will remain the same. Keep your body (and skin) properly hydrated by drinking eight to nine glasses of water per day.

If you have extremely dry skin, here is a sticky method to try. Take a lukewarm shower. Then after drying off, put liberal amounts of organic shea butter throughout your skin. Put your pajamas on promptly and then go to sleep. When you wake up in the morning, you will have glowing, silky-smooth skin.

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