The multiple benefits of olive oil

Olive oil is very beneficial for the body. Olive oil is beneficial to the skin and hair. It contains antioxidants like phenolic, carotenoid compounds and vitamin E, which eliminate the cells from free radicals and as a result, it prevents aging of our skin and hair. Presence of vitamin E makes hair shiny and lustrous.

During winter and summer season olive oil would be very beneficial for dry skin. It is very useful to eliminate wrinkles, split ends and dandruff in the hairs. The oil can be used in every possible way as we can consume it or we can apply it directly to hair and skin. Olive oil is very good for our heart, mind and blood pressure.

Benefits of olive oil

Benefit of hair is not restricted to hair only, it is spread for many body parts like:

1. Skin
• Apply olive oil on the body after a bath; it will eliminate dark spots on the body and skin will have a glow in the day.
• Apply olive oil on the face and neck, it will make skin more glowing.
• If you are facing the problem of black skin and black elbows, mix sugar with olive oil and apply it for 5 minutes and wash it.

2.  For tanned skin
• After taking bath, massage with olive oil for 20 minutes every day to get rid of skin tan.
In sandalwood powder, add 2-3 drops of olive oil and apply it on face for 7-10 minutes and washed away after it for removing skin tans.
•     Take olive oil on the face with a steam, it will end the problem of skin tans.

3. For wrinkles
• Mix lemon juice and olive oil and massage it over the face, repeat it thrice a week and you will avoid wrinkle for whole life.
• If the wrinkle problem persist on the face, apply sandalwood powder mixed with olive oil for 10 minutes followed by washing with cold water.

4. Hair
• Olive oil is very good for hair conditioning.
• If the problem of dandruff persist in the hair, use lukewarm olive oil with lemon will reduce the dandruff.

5. For Lips
• If your lips are dry and lifeless, massage with olive oil on daily basis and your lips will turn into pink.
• Take a torn olive oil twice a day on the lips to rectify chapped lips.

6. For Nails

• If your nails are too much brittle, regular application of olive oil will bring back the life in your nails.

Various ways to use Olive oil:

• Use olive oil can be used in cooking.
• Mix the olive oil can be eaten in salads.
• Put olive oil on slices of bread can eat.

Olive oil masks

1. Honey and olive oil mask: Mix olive oil and honey in a bowl and mix in the usual amounts. Now apply this mixture on the roots of your hair. Then cover your hair with some kind of foil or hair cap. After 10 minutes, wash your hair with mild shampoo in cold water.

2. Egg and olive oil: If your hair looks lifeless, the egg and olive oil will bring your hair back in life. Breaks two eggs in a cup and add the olive oil and stir the mixture for two minutes. Apply this mixture to the roots of the hair on the head and left it for 30 minutes and then have shampoo in cold water. It will bring a shine in the hair and make them thick.

3. Sun flower petals and olive oil: Mix some petals of sunflowers with olive oil together and put it in the jar, and massage your scalp every day. Broken petals of roses and jasmine flowers also can be used instead of sun flower leaves and leave this mixture for at least 24 hours in your hair followed by shampoo in mild water.

4. Seeds of lemon, pepper and olive oil: You can enhance the condition of your hair by applying this paste. You can make this paste by mixing the lemon seeds, pepper seeds and olive oil by grinding all the ingredients together and then apply over the hair for 20 minutes, followed by washing hair with mild shampoo in cold water.

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