Venice City Break

Where do you plan to go on your luxury holiday this summer? In Venice, you can see one of the most beautiful cities in Europe in style, take in an opera and revel in everything that this culture-soaked metropolis has to offer. Here are a few must-try things that will make your stay an elegant and memorable one.

Listen to the Interpreti Veneziani in the Church of San Vidal

When you’re on a luxury holiday in Venice, you simply must experience a recital by the Interpreti Veneziani at the stunning church of San Vidal.

On most nights of the week, the deconsecrated church features fantastic musicians who perform baroque pieces. San Vidal itself is also worth writing home about, as its main altar contains an exquisite painting of St Vitale on horseback, which is a masterpiece by Vittore Carpaccio.

Visit the Sophisticated Museo Correr

The Museo Correr is a large and very impressive museum that sets out Venetian history from the thirteenth to the sixteenth century through its rich and varied collection of prints, coins, military regalia, and paintings. You could easily spend an entire day wandering its halls, so it’s a good idea to acquire a guidebook and to plan what you want to see ahead of time. That way, you won’t be overwhelmed in this most sophisticated of museums.

What’s more, the Museo Correr also contains stunning examples of sixteenth-century Venetian architecture: it dedicates space to the works of the famous Bellini family and also includes a section on the Risorgimento (the resurgence of Italian nationalism in the nineteenth century).

Attend a Concert at Teatro La Fenice

Teatro La Fenice – one of the most extraordinary theatres in the city – has a very rich musical history. It is where Giuseppe Verdi premiered La Traviata and Rigoletto, where Igor Stravinsky, Benjamin Britten and Sergei Prokofiev all composed works, and where Gioachino Rossini and Vincenzo Bellini staged operas. To top it all off, Teatro La Fenice is also among the most beautiful buildings in the city.

Since the theatre is named after the Phoenix, a mythical bird that dies and then rises from its ashes, it is ironic to note that it has burnt down twice since its opening in 1792. The most recent fire of 1996 left the building utterly in ruins, and it has since been rebuilt to replicate its former glory. Reopened in 2004, the theatre not only benefits from breathtaking architecture but also boasts the best modern sound and staging equipment, enhancing all performances.

Operatic, ballet and contemporary music concerts take place throughout the year, but in spite of the 1,000-person seating capacity, you’ll have to book your tickets well in advance. You could also take a guided tour to learn more about the building’s fascinating history and architecture during the day.

How to Get There

There are several UK airports that offer quick, direct and frequent flights to Venice’s Marco Polo Airport (VCE). Flights from London will take around two hours, and airlines which offer the route include British Airways and Monarch Airlines.

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