My Bucket List Holiday

If you’re only going on one big blow-out trip this year, then why not make it a bucket list holiday destination? Here are some ideas to get you dreaming big and ticking some amazing destinations off of your bucket list. So why not holiday in some of the most beautiful places on the planet or see a Wonder of the World? Just remember that life is short and to make the most of it.

Witness the Northern Lights

What better way to start than with this timeless wonder? This awe-inspiring phenomenon occurs most frequently in the Arctic region, so fly north during the winter to witness the shifting display of night-time rainbows that most people consider to be a truly uplifting and humbling experience. It’s definitely worthy of the bucket list status!

Safari in Serengeti

This national park is world-famous for a reason: it was designated the First UN World Heritage Site in 1972. If you drive through the wild open country, you’re sure to find yourself mesmerized by the park’s rich natural offering, which is visible every way you turn your head. You can see the famous Serengeti lions and much more on a safari through these rugged plains.

Taj Mahal Majesty

No compilation of bucket list holiday ideas would be complete without what is probably the most famous building in the world. Most visitors are overwhelmed by the utter beauty of the building, serving as a beautiful symbol of love, as well as by the sheer volume of work that went into making this symmetrical beauty the icon that it is today.

Drive on the Great Ocean Road

Take to the roads on this 150-mile coastal route, which connects Allansford and Torquay in the south-east of Australia. Enjoy amazing views during the entire journey, and nip off the beaten track during this trip of a lifetime.

The Great Wall of China

Let’s talk about another attraction that’s well worthy of its adjective. The Great Wall is more than simply an incredible feat of engineering. This mammoth stone snake is a physical representation of the perceived sense of separateness from the West and is truly a marvel to behold. Combine your trip with a visit to the Qing-era summer palace and the Ming and Eastern Qing tombs, or even spend a night in one of the Wall’s watchtowers.

‘Bucket List Holiday’ Basics

It’s all too easy to get swept up in the excitement of planning your bucket list adventure, but the very nature of many of these trips means that you need to be prepared. If it is just a one-off blow out trip for you this year, then you absolutely must give yourself total peace of mind by ensuring yourself with single trip travel insurance. Make sure that you’re fully covered so that you can continue ticking more bucket list holidays off of your list for many years to come.

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